Wealth & Finance International - January 2017

Wealth & Finance International 36 Serving the Global Engineering and Construction Industry rawing on over 65 years of dedicated industry experience, FMI Corporation provides services ranging from strategic planning, talent development, and operational improvement, as well as leadership cultivation/ development, compensa- tion benchmarking and buyer/ seller representation for its construction and engineering clients. Gregg discusses how the firm aims to offer a truly unique service to its clients thanks to its vast experience working exclusively in this sector. “At FMI Corporation we serve as the catalyst for change within our clients’ business. Whether it is defining a fact-based strategic plan to helping implement operationally superior best practices, FMI has a long-list of raving fans. We are fanatical about how we deliver value and work tirelessly to drive our clients to be best in class. “Over the years we have helped clients develop sound, long-range strategies for growth including office/services expansion. We have also recently helped several clients with productivity and efficiency, in some cases doubling their bottom line all through better operations. One of our greatest successes has been training and developing executive, managers and leaders for some of the largest firms in the construction industry.” Client service is of the utmost importance to the company and central to its success, as Gregg is eager to emphasise. “As a niche consultancy, we find it imperative to drive not only superior results, regardless of what we are doing, but amazing customer service throughout. Sometimes, owing to the nature of our work, we have to deliver bad news, but it is our responsibility to deliver this in a profes- sional manner and provide constructive feedback. More importantly it is important to find the right solutions and drive our clients to success. “In order to deliver this we need a strong workforce who are committed to supporting the success of both our company and those we serve. Whether it is our Research Group, our Marketing Group, our Office Administration back home or the many field consultants we employ, our success solely rests with our staff. They are the women and men that make FMI great; as a consultancy, we are the trusted advisors that our clients rely on. Without our staff we are nothing. With our staff, we are truly the best in the business.” Moving forward, Gregg outlines the challenges faced by both his firm and its clients and how his company will be adapting around these in order to build upon its current success. “The engineering and construction sector is constantly transforming itself. Whether we are talking about autonomous heavy equipment, building information modelling, prefabrication/modularisation, etc. we are constantly working with our clients to innovate and challenge the status quo. There are plenty of macro-economic trends that have everyone on edge but there is also plenty that our clients can be doing strategically to situate themselves appropriately in the short and long- term. “Ultimately it is my passion for my industry and dedication to my clients which will remain our ongoing focus as we look towards the future. Prior to being a part of FMI, I was a builder, and I have been able to leverage this knowledge into helping my clients get better and be best on the market. It is this knowledge and passion that has dissipated throughout FMI and is evident in every one of our dedicated and hardworking staff. We love what we do and the industry we support, and continuing to provide high quality services will remain our ongoing focus.” Company: FMI Corporation Name: Gregg Schoppman Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.fminet.com Telephone: 813.636.1259 FMI Corporation is a management consulting firm that serves the engineering and construction industry worldwide. We spoke to the firm’s Principal Gregg Schoppman to gain an absorbing insight into how the company works. D 1707WF29

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