Wealth & Finance International - January 2017

Wealth & Finance International 74 The Best the World Has to Offer stablished in 1995 Tassos LLC is a family owned and operated business offering a wide range of olives, oils and condiments. The group serves as a product developer and importer of several natural products developed in association with several manufactures located in Greece, related to the production of olive oil, olives of various cultivars, spreads, marmalades and as of late wines, all produced under strict product specifications and management from cultivation to the end product. The family aims to personify itself within all of their products, which carry the Tassos® seal to highlight their excellence. Accordingly, the firm’s products are bought about through the implementation of the firm’s core values; education, dedication, and hospitality. Chronopoulos outlines how these values have guided the firm to its present success. “Our guiding principals have helped shape the Tassos® brand, from its creation to the present day. We hold our products out to be of artisan, handcrafted quality or better, esthetically pleasing and a catalyst for putting your life’s poetry into motion. Over the years, we have noticed that our customers share our values; that Tassos’ customers live with a friendly and adventurous spirit, are without pretension, yet still demand the highest standards of quality and sophistication. As such we always aim to offer them the products which will fulfil their needs and provide them with the most delicious, fresh foods possible.” Today, fuelled by that same sense of imagination and adventure, the Tassos family has created a solid infrastructure for the sourcing, production and distribution of Tassos® products from the Mediterranean. The firm has also developed strong domestic and international alliances throughout the world, all founded on the aforementioned principles of education, hospitality and dedication to quality performance, but always bearing in mind the firm’s humble beginnings and never losing sight of our company’s mission: to be the premier brand of uncompromising quality, yet affordably priced products. Chronopoulos is keen to emphasize the firm’s focus on quality and dedication to providing the very best products to their discerning clients. “In order to ensure quality, Tassos® Olive Oils are estate bottled and never blended. They are 100% Cretan Olive Oils. Pressed from the carefully handpicked, unripe Koroneiki olives on the island of Crete, every bottle of olive oil is rich in flavor, the deepest green in color and full of aroma. It takes five Kilos of premium Koroneiki olives to create every liter of Tassos® Olive Oil, ensuring purity and a rich flavour.These are just some of the characteristics why the Tassos® Peza Olive Oil carries the seal of Protected Designated Origin (P.D.O) which was awarded by the European Union. Just like there is Champagne and everything else is sparkling wine, there is Tassos® Peza, and everything else is simply Olive Oil. “If it carries the Tassos seal, then it is, quite frankly, the best the world has to offer. The Tassos Group’s clients include, national and regional retailers and big house clubs in North and Central America including our presence of several of our products within the US military PX’S globally, and as such they demand the very best, which we always aim to provide across our full range, which also includes marmalades, cocktail onions and spreads.” Chronopoulos then stresses that the firm is committed to adhering to the highest standards across their product offering with quality of their products being just one aspect among many. Innovative packaging, customer service and competitive pricing are all additonal factors which he is keen to highlight. “Here at Tassos LLC we are innovators in the industry, educating our customers constantly about the nature of our products and industry. We design our own glass containers and produce them, creating a unique package which is as valuable to our clients as the product it holds.” Ultimately despite the fact that Tassos LLC is a comparatively young business the firm have grown to be the largest exporter of olive based products from Greece, serving customers across North America, Canada, Mexico and Central America. The firm has ambitious plans for 2017, including to complete the construction of their first production facility in the USA so that they can provide a speedier service to their customers. Company: The Tassos Group, LLC. Name: Tassos F Chronopoulos Web Address: www.tassos.com Award winning olive oil and condiment specialists the Tassos brand has received several gold medals in the US, Mexico, Latin America for the quality and packaging of their products and has been recognised by LUX magazine’s 2016 Food & Drink Awards as Olive Products Company of the Year – USA. In addition, they have been awarded Acquisition International’s the Best Mediterranean Food Company 2016 - USA as well as an Award for Excellence in Olive Oil Food Products. We caught up with the firm’s CEO and Founder Tassos F Chronopoulos to find out more about how the firm has sought to provide fresh and delicious products. E BU160035

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