Wealth & Finance July 2017

Wealth & Finance International | July 2017 www.wealthandfinance-intl.com Balanced and Comprehensive Range of Products C-QUADRAT is an international asset manager which was established in 1991 in Vienna by Alexander Schütz and Thomas Riess. We recently spoke with Alexander Schütz from C-QUADRAT to discover more. Also In This Issue... Countrywide Conveyancing Services / HADS Partnership Law Office / Luciano Ponzi Investigazioni / Levin Capital Strategies, LP / THEAM - BNP Paribas / Savant Systems LLC / Angel Capital Group / The Global Group / Dodhys Agencies / Adam Phones / CSM / Temple Spa / Infra Invest / COGENCY GLOBAL INC. / Bryn Mawr Bank Corp / Wienner & Gould, P.C.