Management Consulting Awards 2022

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards 17 APR2w2 IKCI supports businesses to be their most successful through a range of services in the form of data science, artificial intelligence, marketing services, and financial services. For its data science service, the company uses the latest technologies to support its client businesses’ decisions, with the help of statistics, benchmarking, and software solutions. Professional algorithms help businesses to optimise and predict their sales revenues. An important part of this is data cleaning, in order to ensure it gets the right information for the client. The software programmes that IKCI uses are able to simplify and visualise hidden patterns in its databases. There are many great ways for visualising correlations between pairs of attributes, like scatter plot or classification tree. In this way, it can go deeper in the data analysis procedure and find models for various purposes. Then, with the help of artificial intelligence, IKCI can support its clients to start big data projects. This technology is used to make predictions based on historical data in order to increase and optimise the client business’ revenues. IKCI has experience with projects in the health industry where it helps clients in everyday situations. With the help of its Easy Brain Trainer AI chatbot advising customers, clients can gain 15% of their time back. Individual answers for new and existing customers are an important component of the AI chatbot; through continuous dialogue, it is able to assess the user’s mental state and get a full picture of their condition in order to offer several choices to help both the patient and the relative/caretaker. The user can start by saying something like “My father is forgetting things”, and the platform will begin a dialogue which will lead to an overall assessment. The aim is to achieve cognitive entertainment, assessment, and monitoring of the elderly in order to help them have the best quality of life. As part of its marketing services, IKCI creates strategies and concepts through a deep analysis of the client’s target groups, markets, and competitors. With its support, the client can reach more customers and increase their profit. IKCI IKCI (Individual Knowledgeable Creative International) helps both well-known and newly established companies who may otherwise be overlooking their business planning due to a lack of expertise in business processing and business solutions. Its mission is to support these businesses’ growth and innovation with the help of analytics, data science, and customised key performance indicators. continues to develop its target-oriented measures and optimised customer communication to further enhance its marketing ability. All of its marketing strategies are based on the client’s needs. It supports their strategy and plans with optimisation even when the client implements it themselves. It will analyse their sales channels, their competitors, and the ability for online communication. Optimised processes and workflows have a special attention in IKCI’s strategy. The client’s presence and online store should give answers to visitors – and IKCI’s AI chatbot can help. Most Innovative Healthcare IT Solutions Consultancy 2022 Aug22588 In terms of the financial services offered, IKCI will create a business plan with the best preparation for banks, business angels, investors, or other financial institutions. In doing so, its business development experts will help to increase the value of client companies. For more information or if you’d like IKCI’s help growing your business, get in touch with the team by calling +43 699 105 36988. Company: IKCI Tech Corporation Email: [email protected] Website: https://easybraintrainer.comOR