Management Consulting Awards 2022 18 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards APR2w2 Avail Management Services’ Founder and Chief Executive Officer has a strong background in healthcare that spans over 15 years that she brought into the organization’s creation. As an experienced healthcare executive and public health professional, Dr. Liza Nicholson brought her proven record of leading dynamic teams – as well as her own experiences in her fields – to create a company that provides innovative onsite and remote healthcare and project management consulting services. Since its inception, Avail has quickly shown – like its founder – its talent for successful program implementation, healthcare administration, and revenue cycle management. Its services have successfully advanced healthcare service delivery across the USA and globally, as well as diversity, equity, inclusion, and health education within the organizations it has partnered with. These organizations include hospitals, primary care facilities, and other healthcare affiliated institutions – where Avail’s team passionately transforms and futureproofs everything from their best practices to the management of clinical workflows. As healthcare organizations partner with Avail, they are subject to incredible transformation, particularly in operational areas such as program management, population health, care coordination, administrative support, and practice facilitation. Avail’s consultants work closely with leadership teams to improve the overall quality of healthcare service delivery. It delivers innovative healthcare consulting, including in-depth cost management planning and sustainable improvements to clinical strategy. Avail supports healthcare organizations in providing accessible, equitable and efficient services. Avail Management Services is committed to supporting organizations that provide essential health services. The team strongly believes that value-based care models offer opportunities for organizations to reduce health inequities and address social determinants of health (SDOH). Management consultants provide healthcare organizations with an external perspective on various proactive strategies. Healthcare organizations have realized that hiring full-time employees is a significant investment as they spend considerable money on recruitment, training, salary, and benefits. Avail Management’s team of expert consultants understand that numbers have an important story to tell in all industries and its high-value skills help transform organizations for success. SDOHs consist of various social, environmental, and economic factors influencing health conditions, and Avail remains cognizant of them at every stage. As acknowledgement and study into SDOHs have evolved over the last decade, it became a core strategic priority for Avail’s consultants, healthcare providers, payers, and government health organizations with which it works. Its consultants design and implement programs and services that effectively improve population health and reduce the cost of caring for its nation’s most vulnerable and high-risk populations. This approach stems back to Dr. Nicholson’s early years. The Alabama native still clearly remembers how challenging it was, for some communities, to gain access to essential health services that were culturally responsive. She established the company to improve healthcare as a whole and has sought to make a positive impact in rural and urban communities alike, with an overall aim to reduce the rate of mortality amenable to health care, a statistic which measures deaths from certain causes before age 75 that are potentially preventable with timely and effective health care. Numerous healthcare organizations and leaders now count on Avail’s expertise for sustainable strategy solutions, ongoing healthcare revenue cycle management and improved health outcomes. Avail Management continuously uses client and industry needs to drive future services. So, it is excited to announce the addition of the grant writing component to its solutions for 2023! This is to assist non-profit organizations with competitively applying, receiving, and managing grant funding to best serve their clients and have a sustainable impact on communities. Avail Management Services continually redefines healthcare management consultancy, from small community organizations to large health systems and government entities. Its enthusiasm for motivating change, proven transformation resources, an understanding of healthcare operations, and exceptional performance standards have led to robust and successful clients. Best Healthcare Management Consultancy – USA Jul22596 All of this has won Avail Management Services the well-earned Best Healthcare Management Consultancy award in the USA – long may its success continue. (Scan QR code with your phone’s camera) Contact: Dr. Liza Pugh Nicholson Company: Avail Management Services Web Address: