Management Consulting Awards 2022 20 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards APR2w2 Digital business solutions are an essential part of any modern business, but finding the right path forward can be complex in a world which is constantly evolving. The team behind SQ1 have made their name not only through offering a range of different solutions, but by ensuring that at all times these solutions connect business values with technological investment. The aim of SQ1 is to transform a potential business strategy into reality, improving the way in which businesses operate. The use of technology in the right places opens the door to significant improvement of business efficiencies and revenue streams, as well as accelerated growth in terms of people, process, and technology. A comprehensive suite of services, expertly tailored to the unique requirements of each client has reduced costs while improving performance in near to real time. The strength of the firm, therefore, is not in its technological knowledge, but in its people. The staff at SQ1 are supported by leading-edge technology that stands apart from the crowd, but it’s their unique understanding of how to best apply this technology that makes them special. The team has worked in both public and private sectors, providing a perspective that embraces their leading product and their wealth of experience in industry. Few businesses can claim to have such comprehensive hands-on expertise in enterprisewide operations. Ultimately, Square One Consulting is a Technology Business Management practise that supports the improvement of business outcomes in a consistent way that connects business values to technology investments. Backed by standardised taxonomies SQ1 enable finance, operations, business leaders and IT to react quickly to changing market dynamics to make data driven decisions that align organisations to optimally deliver on business objectives. The benefit of technology is obvious to anyone who has had to make decisions that have a big impact. The use of AI and digital solutions give executives more control over the decisions they Technology has had a transformational effect on the way in which we live, but many businesses have yet to adapt to the possibilities of what benefits can be found. The team at Square One Consulting, known as SQ1, supports businesses to invest wisely in technology. In Wealth and Finance International’s Management Consulting Awards 2022, the team were recognised for their incredible achievements. We take a closer look to uncover more. make as they can build forecasts based on an incredible amount of data. Traditional methods simply are not capable of working through such a high quantity of data, but artificial intelligence is the ideal solution. The approach of the SQ1 team has always been to focus on root course analysis, supporting evidence, and building resilience through technology. Clients have found immense value in this attitude, especially as the world has become increasingly interconnected. With opportunities now waiting to be uncovered across many different markets, sectors and business areas, a deliberately connected mindset is essential to the delivery of business objectives. The client solutions and advice provided by the SQ1 team are invaluable as a result, being as they are underpinned by deep practice and industry expertise. Digital transformation revolves around a culture. Traditionally, organisations begin their journeys with a focus on technology costs and planning, finding traditional IT solutions perfectly suited to their needs. As a business matures, however, technology business management means there is a clear connection between technology investments to business strategy and outcomes. SQ1 brings visibility and data to help inform decisions. This cycle is accelerating today, driving the need for accurate information. To grow in the coming months and years, SQ1 will need to continue focusing on the way in which the lifecycle of these technological developments is changing, in order to guide strategic planning and ideation, demand and capacity management, financial planning, delivery, and value management to the same high standards to which their clients have become accustomed. With such impressive new ideas ahead, we cannot wait to see what they do next! SQ1 excels in offering these services: • ICT Strategies • GRC - Governance Risk and Compliance • EAM - Enterprise Asset Management • Data Security Management Best Leadership & Management Development Organisation - South Africa Aug22039 • BI - Business Intelligence • Data Analytics • Systems Integrations • BPR - Business Process Re- Engineering • Operational Optimisation • GEOINT - Geospatial Intelligence Company: Square One Consulting (Pty) Ltd. Name: Imraan Hassim Email: [email protected] Web Address: