Management Consulting Awards 2022 28 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards APR2w2 Founded in April 2020 by Carol Motsepe and Dr Khetsiwe Dlamini, Triple C Advisory is a femaleowned African-originated global gender lens and impact advisory firm. The core mission of Triple C Advisory is to ‘blaze a trail for women’ across multiple sectors by looking at problems of performance and efficiency with a fresh and new vision. In addition, its central policy is to stay relevant through research and engagement of stakeholders. All whilst participating in ongoing dialogue on relevant issues across the industry. To accomplish this, it creates programs that allow access to youth talent, especially women, to build up and encourage them. It provides services that cover strategy, management consulting, and impact assessment, with a distinct gendered edge and approach. One where men and women contribute and benefit on an equal standing. Triple C differentiates itself from activists, organisations, and other groups with similar goals – primarily due to the networks it has created and its particular scope of services. Triple C Advisory serves 3C’s of its own: countries, companies, and communities. Whether in business, society, or caring for the planet, its goal is to create a world where men and women are treated as equals. To this end, the strategies and services it uses are tailored to fit and impact the micro and macro level. To accomplish this, it works closely with clients to guide them in implementing these strategies. Triple C Advisory believes a good strategy is less a list of next steps and more a call to action to achieve a desired outcome and impact. This is a core focus when crafting a plan for its partners is that they are easy to access, understand, and translate into action. The Triple C Advisory team’s boundless energy, combined with its collective knowledge and experience, enables it to keep up with industry demands and developments – alongside its flexibility. Triple C Advisory is leading the charge in the name of gender equality, strategies that work on challenging disparity and providing “women-powered solutions.” Working towards a better world, Triple C Advisory helps to bridge the gender pay gap for the present time and generations to come. Best Female-Owned Gender Lens & Impact Advisory Firm – South Africa Aug22376 Many factors combine to facilitate the firm’s flexibility. Alongside being relatively small, its processes and model are entirely digitised. This works perfectly as the business works remotely, allowing it to efficiently service clients across the globe and keep work consistent. All whilst remaining agile enough to switch between strategies and alignment in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment. Triple C Advisory is constantly searching for new interactive tools to deliver quality work to stay ahead of the game. Triple C Advisory’s “women-powered solutions.” have brought accelerated prosperity and performance to communities and organisations worldwide. The team has crafted sustainable solutions that unleash the hidden potential of all people they work alongside, uplifting all involved. Triple C Advisory envisions a world where men and women work as equals to bring out the best of humanity and, with its current achievements in mind, it knows that this is possible. Contact: Khetsiwe Dlamini on [email protected] Company: Capital C Consulting (Pty) Ltd t/a Triple C Advisory Website: