Management Consulting Awards 2023

Nov22526 Management Consulting Awards 2023 | Wealth & Finance Aug23349 Leading Innovator in Social Impact Consulting 2023 - UK At Athari, there is a keen emphasis on creating client partnerships, with highly tailored support services and capacity development being provided across the board to nurture these relationships. The company aims for more than just the provision of services; instead, it fosters understanding and empowers clients to ensure impactful and sustainable changes are made. This approach is one rooted in collaboration, with the team fully aware of every client’s unique needs and the necessity for a bespoke approach to make a true difference. In addition to its consultancy services, the organisation is launching the Athari Academy in 2024, a resource hub which offers guides, courses, and toolkits to act as support for those beginning or making changes on their social impact journeys, from helping them with project design, through to implementation and measuring initiatives. The clientele that Athari works with comprises a range of non-profit organisations, social enterprises, and companies, with the common thread they possess being the drive to make key, meaningful changes on a global scale. The team works closely with its clients to fully understand their needs and challenges. It always provides personalised guidance and consultancy support services to help them reach their goals and achieve the desired impact. As an example of the stellar work the company does, earlier this year, the team collaborated with the non-profit organisation Health Water Life, helping them with the deployment of a successful pilot project on the Haitian border of the Dominican Republic. By assisting in operations navigation in a notoriously complex setting, LifeStraw water filtration bottles are now available to 1,500 people who otherwise would be without clean water. Athari also works with major non-profits such as CARE International UK on programme development processes, and the Clinton Development Initiative on operations related to the organisation’s transition from an initiative of the Clinton Foundation into a network of autonomous local nonprofits in East Africa. It is the aim of Athari to forever change the management consulting sector, a project which is currently underway as a result of the company transforming impact consulting. The approach the team adopts to social impact and charitable endeavours is one of systems thinking, which empowers organisations and individuals to create sustainable and impactful changes. Through a combination of tailored consultancy services and the use of ready resources straight from the upcoming Athari Academy, clients are provided with the ultimate guide for their impact journey, covering all the bases from ideation and implementation to evaluation. Traditionally, this sector is one dominated by non-profits, charities, and altruistic individuals, but the landscape is evolving. An increasing number of entities, such as those who work in the private sector, are eager to make positive contributions to the cause, either directly through their work or through CSR and ESG initiatives. Despite this desire, these entities often lack the required knowledge to get started, which is where Athari comes in. The company bridges the gap by taking the business world’s strategic mindset and implementing it within the humanitarian sector. Athari also recognises that while small charities and non-profit organisations lack the necessary resources to access the social impact teams available at large consulting firms, the need to support them is greater now than ever before. Driven by impact, not profit, the team are equally committed to assisting organisations large and small and further extending their reach to those unable to access services through the array of resources the Academy has to offer. Through its work, Athari yields demonstrable positive outcomes for clients and significantly contributes to advancements in the wider industry. As Gemma explains, “We are living proof that social impact consultancy is not just a viable market, but a thriving one that can stand independently, rather than being a supplementary stream within traditional consulting.” As a direct result of its successes, the company has been able to showcase the immense potential of Athari is a boutique social impact consultancy possessing a clear mission to drive positive change through the application of systematic and transformative thinking to a host of global challenges. With teams based in the UK and Colombia, staff members possess an array of diverse technical expertise in crucial fields, such as sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, women’s economic empowerment, and health & well-being, to name just a few. The company provides an array of consultancy services, inclusive of general consulting, training and workshops, project design, operations support, fundraising, impact measurement and more. We speak with Managing Director & Principal Consultant Gemma Sutherland to find out more about the business and its groundbreaking approach to social impact consulting.