Management Consulting Awards 2023

22. Management Consulting Awards 2023 | Wealth & Finance Most Insightful Real Estate Investment Advisory Firm 2023 - London In the financial and investment advisory industry, reputation really does matter. It’s what every business trades on. Gaining success, therefore, depends on being able to prove your ability to support your clients to achieve their business goals as far as possible. The team at FA Ltd know this better than most, offering a unique perspective on mixeduse real estate and trophy asset investment opportunities available in the United Kingdom and overseas markets. The core values that guide the team at FA Ltd are a client-centric approach, professionalism and expertise, integrity and trust, a global perspective, risk management and innovation and adaptability at all times. Through these core values, FA Ltd has proven time and again that it can tread into the tricky waters of real estate investment and move with the currents of an ever-changing economic environment. This is an industry where stability of a company is vital, but adaptability of the team is critical. We asked Korosh Farazad what it was like to stay up to date in this challenging environment. “In the dynamic field of Management and Business Consultancy, staying at the forefront of industry movements is not just a commitment; it’s a necessity for success,” he tells us. “At Farazad Advisory Limited (FA Ltd.), we pride ourselves on our unwavering dedication to continuous learning, innovation, and adaptability.” Naturally, the team have built such an approach into the very fabric of how they operate. “We are avid followers of industry trends, market shifts, and emerging technologies,” Korosh explains. “Our team members actively engage in ongoing professional development, attend industry conferences, and participate in relevant workshops and seminars. We believe that knowledge is the bedrock of informed decision-making.” With this knowledge as a basis on which to build new ideas, FA Ltd has managed to go from strength to strength. “Rather than simply following industry trends, we aspire to be pacesetters and thought leaders in our field,” Korosh says proudly. “We are not content with merely reacting to changes; we aim to anticipate them.” Such passion for directing the shape of the industry is why so many people turn to the team, but it is not the only one. Since opening their doors FA Ltd has become renowned for its collaborative spirit. “We actively seek partnerships and alliances with organizations, institutions, and individuals who share our commitment to advancing the consultancy field,” Korosh continues. “These collaborations provide us with diverse perspectives and access to cutting-edge resources.” Bold new futures require bold new ideas and ways of thinking. It’s little wonder that FA Ltd stands apart, as it pushes ahead into new ways of working. It is worth looking to see the direction that FA Ltd will take in the future, therefore. There is much to be excited about. Looking ahead, there are many service offerings being prepared to launch that will diversify the company while staying within the realm of real estate and investment consultancy. Sustainable or techdriven real estate investments are very likely to be covered. Similarly, the team are aiming to expand their geographic reach. Although already supporting Farazad Investment Ltd (Hong Kong) and KIT Hotel Capital Ltd (London), FA Ltd knows there is more potential in other markets too. The culture of innovation to serve people better remains the beating heart of FA Ltd, and is sure to drive even greater success! To conclude our look at FA Ltd, we turn back to Korosh, and wonder how he and his team plan to secure success into the future. His answer was simple. “We do not view ourselves solely as followers or pacesetters; rather, we are dynamic navigators of the industry. We combine a commitment to continuous learning, innovative thinking, and client-centricity to chart a course that anticipates industry shifts while staying rooted in our core values of professionalism, integrity, and trust. Our approach ensures that we not only keep pace with industry movements but also lead and influence them to create lasting value for our clients and partners.” With such value in high demand, we cannot wait to see what he and his team does next! Company: Farazad Advisory Ltd. Name: Korosh Farazad Email: [email protected] Web Address: Real estate is a major investment area, but knowing how and where to invest can be tricky. Trusted companies such as Farazad Advisory Ltd are essential to success, offering professional and structured guidance in many different areas. In the Management Consulting Awards 2023, the team were recognised for their tireless efforts in the sector. We take a closer look to uncover some of the secrets of their success.