Management Consulting Awards 2023

26. Management Consulting Awards 2023 | Wealth & Finance Best SME Business Consultancy 2023 - Sussex The sad reality is that, in the modern day, approximately 60% of new businesses fail within their first five years. Whilst many are well-trained and experienced to perform in certain roles in their industry, very few business owners have received formal training on how to run a company and drive its growth. This results in gaps in their relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities, which slow down the progress of their business or mean they have to learn through trial and error (which is costly in terms of time and money!) UK Growth Coach is committed to increasing the number of businesses that succeed and continue to thrive many years into the future. To this end, its coaches bridge the gap in the skills and knowledge of business owners, supporting them as they plan, run, and work to improve their businesses and themselves. The coaches empower and enable clients to reach their full potential by acting as a catalyst that drives meaningful personal change, business growth, and life results. Its oneto-one business coaching programmes are specially designed for SME owners, helping them to take meaningful steps forward. The company prides itself on its ability to coach owners of businesses within any industry sector, but its strongest experience and expertise lie within the trades, professional services, and the health and wellbeing sectors. In coaching, UK Growth Coach uses its own unique model, called the ‘The Coaching Star.’ Based on the 10 essential elements of a successful and thriving business, the model explores how business owners can use and develop these 10 areas to progress their business, from creating a clear business direction, establishing a team culture, gaining clarity on cashflow and financial metrics, through to developing a strong sales strategy, establishing a lead pipeline, systemising the business operation, and improving their own performance as well as that of their team. Unlike with larger organisations, the performance of an SME is closely linked to the satisfaction, happiness, and stress levels of the business owner. For this reason, UK Growth Coach works not just on improving business performance for the sake of financial return, but to also improve SME business owners’ work-life balance. Over the years, UK Growth Coach has received a multitude of glowing feedback for its services and results. Many value the honest and straightforward input the coaches provide, ensuring that clients gain a thorough understanding of what they need to do to improve. They serve as a positive yet challenging sounding board, enabling clients to engage in meaningful discussion of their ideas and the issues they are facing. As well as this, many business owners appreciate the fact that UK Growth Coach holds them accountable for taking action to drive their business success. Its coaches genuinely care about clients’ businesses and personally ensure that they are working to complete the necessary tasks within the agreed timeline and to the required level. UK Growth Coach strongly values the feedback it receives from its clients. For example, in response to their suggestions, the company has developed an online learning platform, through which SME owners can access training and educational resources like videos, exercises, downloads, and tips when it is convenient for them. This serves as a cost-effective method of increasing access to quality business coaching. For its continued excellence, UK Growth Coach has been named Best SME Business Consultancy, Sussex, in the Management Consulting Awards 2023. In the future, the firm plans to explore the potential to make its digital platform more interactive and is underway with plans to launch executive coaching and training services. Alongside all of this, UK Growth Coach is seeking to expand its network of franchisees and continue to train its network of coaches across the country. With ambitious plans, there is no doubt that UK Growth Coach looks towards a bright future as it continues to create business success stories and boost overall economic growth. We wish the firm the best of luck in the years to come. Contact Details Contact: Tim Rylatt Company: UK Growth Coach Web Address: Operating across Eastbourne, Haywards Heath, Crawley and throughout Sussex, UK Growth Coach provides business coaching and training services to the owners of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). With clients throughout the UK, they strive to help SME business owners achieve their full potential. The firm’s experienced and passionate business coaches work hard to help clients grow and develop the myriad of skills that are necessary to create a successful business.