Management Consulting Awards 2023

Management Consulting Awards 2023 | Wealth & Finance 29. Best Corporate Finance Consultancy 2023 - Italy lifecapital is more than your average business consulting firm. It serves as a trusted, dedicated partner to entrepreneurs and companies by providing them with integrated support in many business areas, including mergers and acquisitions, tax and HR management, corporate finance, soft finance, and intellectual property. Through a range of corporate advisory services, lifecapital strives to enhance its clients’ performance, optimise their economic and financial management, and identify opportunities through which they can finance their business development projects. The firm takes a managerial approach to its work, driving clients to achieve sustainable results related to performance improvement and risk management. Moreover, in the areas of tax and HR management, lifecapital has been working to establish strategic advisory network partnerships, both within markets of interest and with relevant players in the IT and FinTech sectors. Through these collaborations, lifecapital has been able to implement a range of innovative and high-tech solutions, which have significantly improved the quality and quantity of the services it is able to deliver. For example, it has adopted the use of an exclusive accounting and monitoring system for corporate KPIs. This technology uses AI systems linked to financial information systems to deliver reporting with very little delay compared to standard timelines. The client is at the heart of everything lifecapital does. For this reason, it strives to inspire confidence in them by being innovative and knowledgeable. As well as this, it works to protect the value of their company by optimising the operations involved in their start-up phase, human resource management, fiscal strategies, and policy audits. Managed centrally, the firm’s advisory services offer a sole strategy and point of contact with short time frames. Each year, lifecapital invests approximately 15% of its revenue in IT infrastructure, the cloud, and big data to enhance the innovative services it can offer its clients. Importantly, the firm takes a gradual approach to assessing and implementing new technologies, first analysing its internal activities and workflows to identify any areas that would benefit from the integration of novel technologies. Then, it assesses the technical requirements and establishes a related roadmap for implementation. Once successfully implemented, new programmes are re-evaluated internally, with input from internal staff and clients, to determine whether the integration has had the intended benefits and what can be done to rectify any issues. Furthermore, committed to continuous improvement, lifecapital invests 12% of its revenue in the training and development of its professional team. As a result, its staff are regularly engaged in specialised training activities, carried out by various third-party institutions. Most of their training is focused on bolstering their ability to understand the market and identify emerging trends. The company strongly values curiosity and therefore ensures that its team remain attentive and aware of what is happening in the industry, striving to serve as pioneers of change and new best practices. With offices in Taranto and Milan, lifecapital is a consulting firm that supports businesses in matters related to corporate finance, compliance, tax, and HR management. The firm strives to ensure that business owners know not only what to do to improve their operations, but also how to do it. With this in mind, it takes a managerial approach to consultancy, addressing clients’ executive needs and implementing strategies that simplify the tax and law compliance processes. As a result of its comprehensive range of services and its unparalleled dedication to excellence, lifecapital has been awarded Best Corporate Finance Consultancy, Italy, in the Management Consulting Awards 2023. In the years to come, the firm intends to achieve its ambitious goals by continuing to grow, innovate, and change its approach as needed. We congratulate lifecapital on its impressive success in this awards programme and look forward to seeing how its plans will unfold. Contact Details Contact: Andrea Briganti Company: lifecapital Web Address: