Management Consulting Awards 2023

Nov22526 Management Consulting Awards 2023 | Wealth & Finance Sep23030 Leading Innovators of Indoor/ Outdoor AgTech Development 2023 An incubator of entrepreneurship and innovation, the Zone Agtech provides access to the logistics hub of Greater Montréal and to a business network, research facilities, training, and visibility platforms. The $400 million economic development project is made possible through collaboration with the cities of L’Assomption and Repentigny, as well as multiple manufacturers and educational institutions. The hub’s vision is to transform L’Assomption RCM and the province of Québec into an acclaimed location for innovation, research, training, and technology transfer. The Zone Agtech is dedicated to fostering growth within the AgTech and agri-based bioproducts sectors. The Zone is focused on the creation of new technologies to support indoor production and field crops, such as vertical farming, agricultural biotechnology, and autonomous robots. These innovations aim to provide long-lasting solutions that can adapt to climate change and ensure food security. Within this business environment, companies, innovators, investors, scientists, and startups can work together to structure and drive the future of the agricultural industry. Québec companies and clients have access to a full program of networking events and training activities. The hub offers tailored consulting services in start-up, project management, financing, and strategic business development. With experimental greenhouses, plots, and demonstration zones, innovators can develop their technologies in real-world conditions. The Zone Agtech also offers an incubation space with more than 140 seats in dry and wet offices and laboratories. Every year, the hub offers five innovation, incubation, and acceleration programs and pathways. These are designed for startups and companies in the growth phase of the Agtech and plant bioproducts sector, as well as for mature companies to equip themselves with state-of-the-art technologies and bioproducts. The Zone Agtech has thus far organised and developed several programs, including the Innov’agtech Program, the Deep Space Innovation Program, the Innovation Program for Food Autonomy, and the Innovation Program for the robotisation of Québec’s public nurseries. Every program offers companies access to personalised services focusing on market research, innovation financing, strategic planning, IP protection strategy, and support to find investor partners. Entrepreneurs can benefit from the guidance of Zone Agtech’s expert advisors and highly qualified industry professionals. By becoming a member of the Québec Agtech Community, companies can propel their businesses forward with private business opportunities and exclusive networking services. The Innov’agtech Program is a project cultivated to support 10 companies to develop, finance, and commercialise their innovative solutions. The comprehensive program offers companies the opportunity to consult with advisors from the Zone Agtech, professors from the School of Management of the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, and experienced managers from the agri-food and agri-industry sectors. With personalised training and coaching services, the 10 selected teams will learn to identify strategic issues in their proposed business model, incorporate industry best practices, prepare their financing approach, and promote their project to funding agencies and potential buyers. Another service offered to startups is the Agtech x Finance track, a pathway to support Agtech and plant bioproduct entrepreneurs to optimise their financing. Over the course of 8 weeks, each company will learn how to implement the best financing practices for the benefit of their enterprise. Topics range from demystifying financing programs, negotiating with investors, and designing business models, business plans, and financial packages. The pathway includes training sessions, practical workshops, and meetings with a panel of buyers and financing organisations to provide entrepreneurs with constructive feedback. The hub incorporates its core values of innovation, collaboration, impact, and sustainable economic development into every element of its business environment. Zone Agtech annually supports 50 companies to develop their projects and bring their innovations to market. Through its services, The Zone Agtech aims to foster collaborative development and integrate several specialists into its offerings. The hub ensures it remains informed about Located in L’Assomption RCM in Québec, the Zone Agtech is a dedicated geolocated zone that brings together stakeholders who are building the future of agriculture. The Zone brings together SMEs and large companies involved in agricultural technologies to successfully position themselves and gives them access to unique competitive advantages. The Zone Agtech is on a mission to create a more efficient, profitable, and greener agriculture for Québec companies in Agtech and plantbased bioproducts.