Wealth & Finance International - March 2017

47 March 2017 Clarity of Thought igital Clarity was founded by people who helped shape the internet and its business models as we know them today. As a team, their firm have professionals who have extensive experience in four core areas: • Search - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - Paid Search (Google AdWords, PPC) • Social Media (Social advertising, content, influence & reputation management) • Design (web design & development) • Analytics (Google Analytics, application, measurement) The firm emphasises simplicity, creativity and analysis and has devel- oped a reputation for providing clients with innovative solutions that enable them to address their needs. That combined experience allows them to bring a level of service and expertise normally available only to large companies. Reggie James explains that, “I am the managing director of Digital Clarity. Alongside my director role, I also serve as an executive director on an OTC Markets traded company in New York called DBMM Group Inc.” He then goes on to tell us more about what he does and the role of ‘digital’ playing in the success of business. “My current role as managing director is in offering discretionary digital marketing advice to brands and businesses across various vertical sec- tors though mainly focussing in the wealth, real estate, financial, luxury and advisory markets. “With ‘digital’ playing such a pivotal role in the success of business, the right advice and execution is key and with my experience and team, indeed the company’s longevity and reputation in this competitive space is a living testament to this service.” In terms of the team at Digital Clarity, Reggie explains that they are a key component in the success of the firm. “With seasoned internet strategists and manages who run successful marketing campaigns, our clients are aware they are taking on an extension to their business that would be challenging to emulate otherwise. In addition, the team at Digital Clarity see customer service as the thread that sits alongside great delivery” he adds. Looking to the firm’s opportunities and challenges in 2017 and beyond, the last word goes to Reggie James who explains, “in digital markets, the growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotic services are a threat to traditional service lead companies. This said, as the online sectors continues to grow we are finding that most business want their brand and message to be found by client sand prospects. In closing, I would like to say that Digital Clarity’s opportunities in 2017 and beyond are truly global with new markets opening up in India and Russia.” Chatsworth House Trust case study One of Digital Clarity’s many successful projects were for Chatsworth House Trust. By way of background, Chatsworth House is a spectacular stately home to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. Chatsworth estate offers 35,000 acres of beautiful land and a wide range of events within the house and gardens throughout the year. Chatsworth began working with Digital Clarity from summer 2013 to promote exciting events and has developed into creating a new strategy to engage visitors to explore the English heritage of Chatsworth House. The result was an increased revenue year on year of 236%. The most immediate goal was to move focus from PPC brand spend, to non-brand terms with a view to engaging new visitors. Optimising a not for profit account within Google Grant limitation was a challenge. In order to shift the focus to non-brand searches we first had to increase CTR’s and quality scores from landing pages in order to allow for lower CPC’s. The aims of the project included: • Training the team at Chatsworth House to have a deeper under- standing of AdWords PPC; • Reduce brand keywords and focus on specific match types of ‘family days out’ & ‘days out with the kids’ related terms; • Promote specific seasonal events and exhibitions and • Localised targeting and bid strategies to optimise within the $2 max bid limit. In terms of analytics, the project involved: • Troubleshooting and supporting the upgrade to Google Universal Analytics; • Implement enhanced e-commerce tracking to report on ticket sales and; • Implementation of Google Tag Manager to allow Digital Clarity to make code changes hence saving 3rd party costs. Within the last year, Digital Clarity have created a strategy to transform Chatsworth’s traffic to their site, which can be summarised as follows: • 95% of paid traffic comes from non-brand; • Overall traffic increase of 20%; • CTR increase of 2.55%; • Conversion increase of 245% and; • Revenue increase of 236%. Company: Digital Clarity Name: Reggie James Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.digital-clarity.com Address: Admin: 34 South Molton Street, London W1K 5RG Telephone: +44 (0)1483 338 270 Digital Clarity is a boutique digital marketing agency addressing the needs of organisations and companies across a broad range of industries for over 10 years. The firm’s managing director Reggie James provides an insight into the work of the firm, including their very successful work for the Chatsworth House Trust. D 1703WF01

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