W&F Q1 2023

8. Best Online Tax Training & Automation Company - Mauritius Carpus Tax has made a name for itself as a leading independent tax advisory and business structuring firm. The impressive team of tax consultants and professionals have years of expertise ensuring that clients from every background have been able to make the most of tax related opportunities using highly educated insights in their specialist areas. When we caught up with Deven, we were keen to understand a little better precisely what he and his colleagues aim to do for clients. “We have a comprehensive understanding of how the intricacies of taxation work in Africa, the unique tax issues and challenges these markets are facing, and which solutions are best suited to solve them,” Deven explains. “Some of the specialized areas of Africa tax services we offer include; tax advisory in Africa tax structuring, tax automation, transfer pricing, tax reform and international tax training courses for your entire team.” Since opening their doors, this incredible level of support has seen Carpus Tax gaining more and more popularity as the tax advisor of choice for MNCs across Africa. “We are not part of a network like most other tax advisory companies,” Deven tells us. “We have tax specialists all over Africa that we work with, but ultimately, the buck stops with us.” Such a close connection between company and client means that the team are happy to offer a bespoke tax advisory service, one which considers every aspect of what a business requires to thrive. The team, therefore, acts as an integral part of the success of their business. “We gain an in-depth knowledge of their business and processes in order to provide the best possible solutions,” Deven says with a smile. “A high standard of service delivery and timeliness is of the utmost importance to us. We pride ourselves on building personalised customer relationships with our clients and their staff.” Such service has now reached across the African continent, with clients reaching from Ethiopia to Egypt. To keep on top of the rapidly changing changes on the African continent requires an in-house tax research team. The team are then able to provide continuous updates to clients on how these changes might affect their respective businesses. “We keep abreast of what our competitors are doing, to ensure that we are always on track of exactly what is transpiring in the industry,” Deven tells us. When the team at Carpus Tax first started trading, they could never have expected to develop the first ever Global Co-Ordination and Service Management Application, a service offered through the team’s dedicated Tax App. “The features of the app empower you to eliminate hidden tax costs through the integration of taxation across the organisation,” Deven explains. For any business, it’s an invaluable tool to have to hand. Carpus Tax are extremely proud to announce our recent accreditation as a Chartered Tax Advisory Firm accredited by the Chartered Institute of Taxation, UK (“CIOT”). It is internationally respected as a mark of technical excellence and professional integrity. Becoming a Chartered Tax Adviser requires an in-depth knowledge of tax legislation and its application to real-life scenarios. Carpus Tax is one of only two CIOT-accredited companies in Mauritius. Carpus Tax is set apart as the ONLY CIOTaccredited company with a focus on Africa Taxation. Looking ahead, the team are also in the process of opening Carpus Tax offices in Africa,” Deven says. With such exciting growth ahead for the team, we cannot wait to see what fresh frontiers will remain after this. Company: Carpus Tax Services Limited Name: Lizelle Kemp Designation: Africa Business Development Manager Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.carpustax.com Dec22033 When it comes to designing your greater tax ecosystem, it’s worth turning to experts in the field. With a comprehensive understanding the intricacies of Africa’s tax system, and the solutions that allow companies to make the most of it, the team at Carpus Tax have achieved enormous success. In the Global Tax Awards 2022, they were named Best Online Tax Training & Automation Company – Mauritius. We caught up with Deven Marianen, CEO of Carpus Tax to uncover some of the reasons why. 8.