W&F Q2 2022

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 10 Wealth & Finance International - Q2 2022 A Financial Revolution The challenge with property investment is finding people who are willing to treat your money as they would their own. The team at URECO Property do precisely this, setting out to revolutionise the market as a whole. Their incredible efforts have been recognised in the Ethical Finance Awards 2022. Awarded the titles of Best Ethical Property Investment Company 2022 – UK and W&F Accountability Excellence Award 2022, we thought it the right time to dig a little deeper into the successes of this astonishing organisation. The investment experience is one which is fraught with risks, but it doesn’t have to be. Certainly, that’s the perspective of the team at URECO Property. With a simplified fee-free model and a commitment to co-investing in every opportunity, the team have worked hard to change the way in which people see property investment. Honesty and transparency are qualities often missed in the financial markets, but most welcome to investors. This fund primarily approaches HNW, UHNW individuals (minimum investment £50K) and family’s offices. The firm doesn’t charge any upfront fees and only profits when its investors do. By placing this process at the backend of the process, the firm are unique in the market. That said, the various commuter belt properties that the team have developed target annual returns of 6%–8% p.a. net to the fund. Since opening their doors, the URECO team have managed to deliver numerous direct, underwritten opportunities to investors, cutting out middle-management wherever possible. URECO Property works alongside its own fund manager, URECO Capital, whilst also owning and operating its own design and construction firm. This allows the team a holistic perspective on the industry, able to control the build process as far as possible without any inflationary pricing and counterparty risk. Because URECO has invested capital rank their investment as subordinate to the senior capital provided by investors, it is their investments which are harmed first. As such, it’s little wonder that investors trust the team to deliver – their risk are essentially underwritten. Because the whole process is essentially under the purview of the URECO team, it makes decisions that support the needs of its investors. Investing in the commuter belt, therefore, has been transformative for the team. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has changed and the housing market is no exception. Before the pandemic, the team chose these areas because London was becoming unaffordable, and people were moving out. The change in how everyone lives, and works has seen a massive rise in working from home, and people wanting property to enjoy. The success of URECO has seen the team operating their FCA regulated development investment fund offering clear advantages to investors of diversification and pooled capital. The firm is also doing an internal series A raise to raise working capital to keep up with increasing demands and interest. What is clear from the continued interest is that what the team has to offer is something that people are still intensely interested in. Since opening their doors, the team at URECO have made enormous strides for the financial industry. Their work has shown there is a new and better way forward that can benefit more people than ever before. With such an impressive track record at their fingertips, it’s little wonder that so many people continue to flock to the team to take advantage of their considerable success. We cannot wait to see what they do next! Company: URECO Property Name: Philip Goodman Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.urecoproperty.com May22030