W&F Q3 2022

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 14 Wealth & Finance International - Q3 2022 Best Insurance Comparison & Purchasing Platform – Canada Being a full-service digital insurance brokerage, PolicyAdvisor.com promises to help its Canadian customers find the insurance coverage they need — every time, all the time. Its efforts are client-focused and exemplary, fostered by a deep sense of pride in its own work that forms a throughline in the business and inspires each of its staff to work to the best of their abilities. Offering a wide range of diverse insurance solutions for many different needs through its online marketplace, it is proud to say that it has made itself an industry stalwart over its time in operation. PolicyAdvisor.com is, thanks to its consistent excellence and hard work, Canada’s leading insurance brokerage and advisor. Offering everything from life insurance to critical illness insurance, disability insurance, mortgage protection, travel insurance, and more through its exemplary online marketplace, it has made a name for itself by being the partner and friend to clients of all ages and from all walks of life. Its dedication to getting clients the insurance they need, at the right time, of the best quality, has endeared PolicyAdvisor.com to its peers and market segment alike. Through its extensive product offerings, it grants customers the coverage they need for every stage of their life, throughout their whole life, becoming their one-stop shop to ensure that their lives, livelihoods, and possessions are protected. From new Canadians to permanent residents and citizens; from globetrotters to homebodies; from renters to homeowners, PolicyAdvisor. com provides the same level of excellence to all of its clients. Indeed, it hopes to provide impeccable service to everyone who visits its online marketplace, updating itself daily in order to ensure it is providing only the best, most diligently reviewed, and most trusted policies and promotions from Canada’s top providers. Indeed, the exemplary, user-intuitive site design is also something that is constantly improving, allowing clients to find the policy right for them amongst the more than 20,000 policy options available. Moreover, PolicyAdvisor.com has made it easy to speak to a live, licensed insurance agent through phone, email, and e-chat, providing critical support to Canadians as they make the insurance decision that is right for them. Life insurance is a big consideration to make, as are all other types of insurance, and PolicyAdvisor’s expert advisors work hard to consider all options with the client, laying out the various paths they could take and the pros and cons of each in order to demystify the process. With constant updates, developments, and upgrades in mind, PolicyAdvisor.com gives Canadians access to one of the best, most adaptable online insurance ecosystems out there. This is something it will continue to do long into the future, introducing more products for customers and further evolving its online insurance purchase procedures. Company: PolicyAdvisor Contact: Rayne Morgan Email: [email protected] Website: policyadvisor.com Jun22020