W&F Q3 2022

Wealth & Finance International - Q3 2022 17 Global Business Payments with a Personal Touch Connecting start-up businesses and fast growers to their market segments, 3S Money has gained accreditation as the ‘Best Online Cross-Border Banking Services and Payments Provider’ in 2022 for the United Kingdom. Helping by providing such clients with local business accounts from which they can send and receive money through all major payment rails, its digital accounts are designed to be both high-value and highly trusted, earning it the respect of its industry as a result. A provider of some of the best business accounts by which fast growing clients can send and receive money, 3S Money has made a name for itself with diligent, reliable, and impeccably managed import and export transactions. Fundamentally, such import and export monetary exchanges, dividend distributions, finance, treasury options, and more have meant for a reputation of the utmost trust for the company, with its market segment lauding it as exemplary in all its many functions. Handling cross-border payments and FX risk management well, each of its clients has been able to benefit hugely from the effort it puts into ensuring that each of them walks away satisfied. Moreover, it works hard to enhance its own due diligence with global coverage for mid-sized corporate clients, a no-chatbot guarantee giving the company a personal and personable feel as a result. Its 24/7 personal client support and representation is handled by its outstandingly well-trained and committed employees, operating in London, Dubai, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, and Riga, ensuring that no matter what, someone in its team will be up and ready to help a client with any questions, qualms, and concerns that they might have. Clients receive unparalleled levels of attention as a result, with transactions being carried out in over 40 currencies. Indeed, the levels of personal service normally involved in these processes as a result easily stand up to what is normally provided by large merchant banks to huge international players, shifting this instead to make it available to middling and growing enterprises that grant them access to a new scale of market across 190 different countries. The attitude and energy involved in the delivery of such things is upheld by everything from its sales team to its client management professionals, its compliance team, marketing experts, designers, and more. Digitally renowned, innovatively powered, and pushing through challenges from the pandemic to the challenge of keeping up with the complexities of cybersecurity, its tenacity has ensured its survival. Above all else, its response to each of these challenges has been growth, development, and betterment, taking its clients into the future one transaction at a time, and helping to grow its industry in the macro scale as a result. Increased by 170%, since summer 2022 and totalling over 100 employees globally, its headcount is ushering forward its plans for physical and virtual cards for its offerings, as well as with plans for its mobile app, celebrating its team’s own diversity, dedication, and ability to work together. Company: 3S Money Contact: Simon Concannon Email: [email protected] Website: https://3s.money/ Jun22171