W&F Q3 2022

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 18 Wealth & Finance International - Q3 2022 Most Dedicated Financial Solution Provider - UAE Founded under a year ago, Money Protects™ @ M A B Innovations ROFR CCO. has already accomplished a multitude of impressive goals. Designed with customer interactions in mind, the company, which is supported by industry leaders in Dubai’s financial industry. Established in 2021 by the senior ex-banker Mirza Ashraf Beg alongside investors, non-executive advisors, and senior ex-bankers, Money Protects was designed to provide technologically advanced and digitally accelerated product offerings in the areas of financial freedom and planning, debt management, and wealth management. In a short space of time, the business has become a leading financial ecosystem developer, with clients ranging from individuals to global corporations. Money Protects specialises in financial guidance, innovation, and support for debt, equity, restructuring, and more. Such ecosystems bridge the gap between sustainability and long-term confidence in financial services. They are supported by extensive research and international standards, and the flagship model’s copyright was positively approved by the European IP Depository in Berlin, Germany. The Asset-Backed Restructuring & Low-Risk Asset Building Innovation Methodology is essential for fostering long-term sustainability and evolution, developing value prepositions, and developing an ecosystem for problem solving. In addition, Money Protects is a company that is legally able to provide its professional services because it is authorised and regulated by the Dubai Economic Department and other leading regulators. As such, clients can always expect to receive an exceptional service that is wholly tailored to their unique needs. This is imperative as Money Protects’ customers come from all backgrounds – such as age, class, and region. The anticipated untapped market for the business stands at an estimated 17.45 billion AED annually, which is coupled with the estimated available market in the sector consisting of approximately 50 billion AED per annum. According to the initial draught of 2022 from JRB Chartered Accountants, Dubai, UAE, and Crowe Mak, a leading global audit, tax, and advisory firm, expected revenue will amount to 1.8bn AED in 2025, with a gross profit of 698 million AED, operating expenses of 51.4 million AED, and a net profit of 585.8 million AED after taxes. The company’s success is further evident through its recent agreement with Crowe Mak Consultants and JRB Chartered Accountants, which will enable Money Protects to acquire high-level Business Plan, Market, Financial Analysis, and Financial Projections over the next five years. Moreover, through this agreement, Money Plans will be collaborating on regulatory licensing, fund raising, and transaction services. By the end of 2022, the company plans to be fully operational across the UAE. Money Protects will also be working on several Web3 projects, and will be developing balanced, optimised, and simple Metaverse virtual services. Many of these projects will utilise blockchain technology, AI, and more. Contact: Mirza Beg Company: Money Protects™ @ M A B Innovations ROFR CCO. Web Address: https://moneyprotects.com/ Jun22748