W&F Q3 2022

Wealth & Finance International - Q3 2022 3 4. News - Dimension X Launches to Build Metaverse Creator Platform - New Venture Fund Provides Investors Exposure to the Disrupting Fintech Sector 6. Asymmetrica Investments: Turning The Bear Into A Bull Sustainably 10. The Cyber Edge: Best Strategic Cyber Services Provider - Israel 11. XP Private: Best Wealth Preservation & Investment Advisory Boutique - Brazil 12. Maverick Gardner: Best SME IT Service Provider - Southern Ontario 14. PolicyAdvisor: Best Insurance Comparison & Purchasing Platform – Canada 15. Ziksu: Ziksu Named as a Winner in Wealth & Finance INTL’s Fintech Awards 16. Heal Accounting: Best Woman-Owned Client Accounting & Advisory Services Practice Northeast USA 17. 3S Money: Global Business Payments with a Personal Touch 10. The Cyber Edge: Most Dedicated Financial Solution Provider - UAE 18. Money Protects™ @ M A B Innovations ROFR CCO.: Best Wealth Preservation & Investment Advisory Boutique - Brazil 19. Barchart: Data First! 20. d1g1t Inc: Revolutionising Wealth Management For All 21. Enyx: Most Innovative Financial UltraLow Latency Trading Technology Solutions 2022 22. eBiashara Africa: Supply Chain Pioneers! Contents