W&F Q4 2022

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 10 Wealth & Finance International - Q4 2022 Best Due Diligence & Analysis Software Solutions Provider 2022 DiligenceVault has crafted a two-sided digital ecosystem for investors and allocators to strengthen engagement with their investment partners, save precious time, and empower them to act diligently. Their technology solution provides unique value for investors and asset managers to digitise their due diligence process and reduce manually intensive, error prone and expensive workflows. DiligenceVault is the investment management industry’s leading two-sided – and global – fund diligence ecosystem. The company supports institutional and wealth allocators, asset owners, consultants, LPs, GPs, and fund managers in their due diligence process for all types of public and private funds and strategies Established in 2014, DiligenceVault has built an ecosystem of over 12,000 unique firms on the platform, with well over 50,000 users. This industry leading ecosystem and adoption is the result of focusing on a single diligence portal for the industry delivering a centralised response experience, collaboration and audit functionalities backed by a responsive client service support. Its unique selling point is driven by the ecosystem adoption ensuring investors get rapid and, more importantly complete responses from their investment partners. Its mission is to create value for the investment management industry. To that end, DiligenceVault serves both sides of the due diligence process. First, a solution for requestors of information - a group comprising: • asset owners – pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, endowments and foundations, and insurance companies. • investment consultants, multi-managers, wealth managers, delegate and distributor oversight and other firms in an advisory or outsourced fiduciary capacity. • asset managers who leverage the platform to collect information from their portfolio companies and service providers. This first group of requestors of information - leverage the platform to digitise, centralise and automate their initial and ongoing due diligence processes while significantly cutting their time to analyse data and documents. The responding investment partners leverage the platform, and its industry-specific features to save time and enhance client productivity - for FREE. The second group comprises the responders, who complete questionnaires and investor reporting requests – RFP, RFI, DDQ, and surveys. DiligenceVault works with asset management firms across all asset classes, geographies, and AUM sizes. While any firm can respond for FREE, DiligenceVault offers a premium solution for RFP, investor relations and portfolio specialist teams at asset managers. The solution empowers teams to digitise and centralise all their investor content and Q&A, collaborate as a team, and automate RFP and DDQ requests. Asset managers leverage DiligenceVault’s intelligent algorithms to deliver a responsive and modern experience to their investor clients in an environment which is very competitive for growth and fundraising. The industry needs a data-driven due diligence experience and standard, significantly cutting down costs for all involved. DiligenceVault shares this vision in getting its clients ready for the future of data. A key aspect of the due diligence process is around collecting more quantitative and qualitative data from investment partners during the initial and ongoing due diligence process, and practitioners recognize that manual ways of doing this are not scalable. DiligenceVault empowers its clients to spend less time on manually intensive tasks and more time on value-adding tasks by replacing the exchange of information through Word, Excel and email with a digital solution on its platform. In addition to facilitating the collection of the data, its digital due diligence platform speeds up the analysis of the responses, reduces manual error, and enables the tracking of activity for the firm, internal workflows and collaboration. Historically, investors and managers have had their own templates for their DDQs, RFIs and other information requests, leading to inefficiencies for the responding parties and for trying to create industry-specific benchmarks. As the industry grows, and due diligence processes become more complex and sophisticated, there has been a greater push for standardisation in data exchange between investors and asset managers. DiligenceVault has partnered with numerous leading industry standards across functional due diligence areas and geographies. In particular, DiligenceVault has seen an increased need for requirements around ESG, diversity and inclusion, and cyber security. It has formed partnerships with thought leaders in these spaces to encourage best practices, and to provide a resource for its clients by making these questionnaire templates available in a digital capacity on the platform. DiligenceVault has built its platform with the understanding that due diligence is not a one size fits all process. Whether clients use their own templates or industry standard templates, the platform continues to adapt and evolve to allow for different due diligence approaches and processes. With constant innovation in technology, a firm focused on making due diligence easy alongside its adaptation and growth is one that will continue to be rewarded. As DiligenceVault continues to support diligence industry standards in a digital format on a single user network for the entire industry, it is well positioned to be the Best Due Diligence & Analysis Software Solutions Provider. From its versatility, being used by users in over 100 countries, for many different diligence use cases, to the global scale of its operations, DiligenceVault is genuinely an ecosystem matched by no other. Contact: Guillaume Rouault Company: DiligenceVault Web Address: https://diligencevault.com/ Sep22195