W&F Q4 2022

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 14 Wealth & Finance International - Q4 2022 Woodworth Contrarian Fund Regardless of the conditions of the market or the circumstances of the parties involved, hedge funds are expected to provide returns. Providing profits irrespective of the market’s status – with an open and fully transparent service – Woodworth Contrarian Fund is a hedge fund that understands this well and is very well equipped to respond to even the slightest turbulence in the market. At the Oregon-based Woodworth Contrarian Fund, the Millegans meet the long-term needs of investors seeking aggressive returns by allocating a portion of its client’s overall investments. Woodworth manages its portfolio directly – trained as true stock pickers with a contrarian focus – which is a rarity in a world filled with market averages, ETFs, and derivatives. Its liquid portfolio saw returns of over 50% in 2020 and over 43% in 2021. In addition to the largely US-public equity portfolio, Woodworth also provides a minority exposure to private venture capital deals on a case-by-case basis that its investors wouldn’t normally have access to with potential for longerterm, above-average returns. Woodworth regularly meets with companies and their management, attends earnings calls, and deep dives into company financials. It stays nimble and diversified and can pivot as the market changes. Because of this, Woodworth provides high net-worth investors with a high-touch, long-term value investment strategy. It deals with details and long-term investment opportunities, so its clients don’t have to, so it can stay informed while focusing on the broader picture. Its clients and partners are kept in the loop and informed of its decision-making process. However, Woodworth still manages the portfolio directly and remains at the forefront, hunting for new and better ways to grow the capital under its purview. When the market counts a company down and out, Woodworth takes a second look – its portfolio is not filled with popular stocks, but rather companies with good fundamentals, good management, and are generally in a transitionary period or are undervalued as a whole. As a hedge fund, there is constant pressure to adapt and change its operations and strategies in response to changing market conditions. Its job is to find opportunities in change and uncertainty and it accomplishes this, regardless of circumstances. For example, its administrative staff were already remote before the pandemic; COVID-19 had minimal impact on Woodworth’s physical operations and provided a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity. Woodworth was able to persevere with above-average returns from the uncertain investing environment of the pandemic – but it was not without significant calculated risks that paid off long-term. Being a tight-knit family-run fund, Woodworth operates as a well-oiled machine, and the team is unafraid to tell each other how they can improve. Communication and trust between its team members are always open and transparent, allowing the firm to make better decisions faster and pivot if Woodworth needs to. Woodworth must be okay making mistakes - they are of the firm belief that if you hide from risk, you hide from its rewards. Its investment targets typically assume that Woodworth holds an investment for 3-5 years. When Woodworth hits investment targets or the situation with the investment changes, Woodworth reassesses the holding. This means that its investments are constantly being re-examined. Its long-range operational plans are to continue growing its net assets under management, which reduces individual partner costs while raising its operating efficiency. From a viewing of the services it offers, and the dedication its team has taken to maximising returns regardless of circumstances, it should come as no surprise that the Woodworth Contrarian Fund is both the Best Value-Based Hedge Fund and the Best Contrarian Hedge Fund Manager in the entirety of the United States. From its forward-thinking model ensuring its team was well-prepared for the challenges of Covid to the taking of calculated risks and reaping the rewards, Woodworth is precisely the fund an investor would want to align with on the path for greater profits. Not just because of its practice of seeking new avenues, but because of its record of success. Contact: Quinn Millegan Company: Woodworth Contrarian Fund Web Address: https://www.woodworth.fund/ Sep22505 Best Value-Based Hedge Fund (YTD): Woodworth Contrarian Stock & Bond Fund & Best Contrarian Hedge Fund Manager – USA “Deep Roots. Stubborn Growth. Oregon-Based.”