W&F Q4 2022

Wealth & Finance International - Q4 2022 17 Best London Market Entry & Foreign Business Development Consultancy 2022 UK Business Consulting helps its customers to gain footing in the London market through a tried and tested methodology – one that has formed the basis of its operations for the past 40 years. Headed by Andreas Papaevripides and Mara Venieri, it is safe to say that UK Business Consulting has the know-how and dedication to produce tangible results for companies of all sizes and sectors. London is a vibrant city that bustles with opportunity and innovation; therefore, it is a popular destination for those looking to start or establish a business in the United Kingdom. Since 1980, UK Business Consulting has been helping companies to gain a sound footing within the UK market, with a particular focus on supporting businesses of Greek and Cypriot clients in the London market. UK Business Consulting’s goal is simple: to help its clients achieve a better future, providing them with growth opportunities and business security. As such, UK Business Consulting works with customers who want to dominate their industry. Whether the company is working with an entrepreneurial start-up or a major global corporation, the companies that UK Business Consulting works with often have one thing in common – a desire to stand out from the competition, grow faster and smarter, and to achieve more whilst writing a unique success story. As Mara tells us, ‘Our differentiation point at UKBC is not about us. It’s about what we do differently to help our clients solve their problems and achieve their financial and business goals.’ The company is home to a unique strategy – one that has ensured the success of its clients. Indeed, UK Business Consulting utilises the Know Your Numbers (KYN) method, which includes three fundamental points: know your break-even point, know your employees’ productivity rates, and know your customer acquisition costs. This method has been formed due to the company’s belief that you cannot control what you can’t measure. For example, by maintaining a detailed record of expenses and income, it becomes easier to calculate the indicators and numbers to be viable. ‘As an organisation we love business growth mapping. I believe that as a person and of course as a business it is your obligation to make progress and you can’t grow if you don’t know how. Knowing how and using the right tools is the strategy you need to achieve your personal and business goals,’ Mara adds. Such methods and services are carried out by the company’s hard-working team. The team have played an integral part in UK Business Consulting’s success over the years, and the company values each member and the unique role that they play. Always on the same page, the workforce thrives on communication and collaboration, showcasing the company’s values of positivity, professionalism, and innovation. Moreover, UK Business Consulting’s internal culture is based on trust, appreciation, resilience, teamwork, and safety, and the company uses these to cultivate a positive and friendly working environment. The team has grown greatly in recent years, with the entire company doubling in size during the pandemic. With over 100 employees and offices in three countries, UK Business Consulting offers a one-stop solution for businesses hungry for growth. Throughout the pandemic, digital expansion became the only solution for companies that wanted to thrive and grow, and, having been working in this area since 2008, UK Business Consulting was perfectly situated to provide assistance. ‘Digital disruption is the new era,’ explains Mara. ‘At UKBC we are already there, building bridges for our clients and helping them across.’ Consequently, as a leading company in export planning and global business strategy, UK Business Consulting’s goal for the next year has shifted towards aiding 1,000 businesses to expand, accelerate their business, and boost their entry in the UK and global market. UK Business Consulting has the capacity, knowledge, experience, and framework to achieve this goal. Furthermore, the company is planning on expanding its business into the USA, starting with offices in New York. Mara concludes, ‘Every success brings us closer to our own vision: to make entrepreneurship easier and more attainable to all.’ Contact: Mara Venieri Company: UK Business Consulting Web Address: https://ukbc.london/ Aug22070