W&F Q4 2022

Wealth & Finance International - Q4 2022 21 Best Crypto-Asset Fund Manager 2022 2009 saw Bitcoin’s trajectory shoot upwards, and the definition of crypto assets became more clear. It is a part of digital currency that is less tangible than the money we see in our bank accounts. This means that our digital money needs protecting, arguably, even more than the more tangible money we have in our possession. Icoinic Capital brings experience, solutions, and reassurance to those digitally investing. Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, are less regulated than virtual currencies, such as PayPal or virtual game money, which are accounted for on face value. Now, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies out in the world, and some of us are more aware of them than others. As far as digital money is concerned, they can be more risky forms of currency as there are no regulations to protect them should anything go wrong. This is where Icoinic Capital comes in. Based Icoinic was established in 2017 and has been growing at an exponential rate ever since. It has swiftly built a reputation in crypto asset management as a prestigious investment firm that is helping its clients to find better investment opportunities. With these investment opportunities comes diversified investment portfolios that are inevitably expertly built to gain exposure to digital assets. The structure of these traditional alternative investment funds truly home in on risk management including counterparty, investment, compliance, and operational risk. Icoinic understands that the crypto asset realm presents us with opportunities to experience immutable and innovative financial infrastructures that could not exist without the existing public blockchain technology of today. Icoinic is “based at Beursplein 5, the financial heart of the Netherlands, and registered at the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (“AFM”) under the AIFMD-light regime and reports to the Dutch Central Bank (“DNB”).” It is a passionate investment group that is consistently focused on overseeing investments in cryptocurrency, for the sake of its many clients. By using algorithms to operate their funds, we can better manage our digital currency exposure. Icoinic is well-aware that this realm is not for the faint hearted but its funds are managed and monitored by experts, and they are best for those looking to invest in the long-term. Not only can we trust that Icoinic will innovate, but we can gain peace of mind knowing that its extensive experience presents us with an opportunity to grow our assets. Its other two funds are also high risk high reward but, with Icoinic, it is entirely possible to balance key strategies to increase the positive potential of each investment. Icoinic Capital has now won Best Crypto-Asset Fund Manager 2022 for all of its efforts, and we are excited to see where it goes next – especially as the need for pioneering portfolios increase to the highest degree ever seen. Contact: Jasper Oud Company: Icoinic Capital Web Address: https://icoinic.capital/ Oct22475