W&F Q4 2022

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 6 Wealth & Finance International - Q4 2022 O.B.S. Sales Services Ltd O.B.S. provides full-blown outsourced sales and business development consultancy and execution services to software houses, consultancies and service providers operating in the financial technology sector. Growing organically through word of mouth and supporting a diverse client base, O.B.S.’ clients trust it to provide innovative, class-leading outsourced sales and business development services. Founder and CEO, Richard Waller worked in the early 2000s as a sales and business development executive in the burgeoning financial services software and technology market. During this time, he noticed a material gap in the market for a high-end, specialist sales/business development agency which could deliver the type of outsourced services he believed the market in this area truly deserved. Following his instinct, Richard founded O.B.S. and the agency has never looked back. O.B.S specialises in the creation, management and closure of sales prospects. It assists its clients by providing comprehensive outsourcing services to complement either existing sales and business development programmes or to provide complete, fully tailored outsourced solutions as required. O.B.S.’ services are delivered only by seasoned FinTech sales practitioners with, crucially, direct, prior financial services/markets first-phase careers specifically on the business side including banker, trader, OTC derivatives broker, sales, sales-trader, risk manager, etc. The ability to look its clients’ target markets in the eye and indeed approach them as peers - because that’s what it is - is paramount and a key component to how it successfully delivers its services. The agency’s services range from “O.B.S. Pipeline Generation Services” - helping take its clients into new prospective customers within an already established market vertical - to providing full blown, end-to-end sales and business development outsourcing solutions. And all flavours in between. Its track record in helping take clients into new markets both from a proposition and geographical perspective is second to none. O.B.S. works with all shapes and sizes of clients, ranging from established multinational financial software houses to smaller shops looking to scale beyond their initial charter clients. It also frequently works with non-UK domiciled firms looking to gain a foothold and develop business within the UK financial services market. Common to all is helping them grow top line revenue by winning new sales. An O.B.S. originated new customer win for one of its clients is the biggest buzz there is. O.B.S.’ mantra is excellence and to be class leading in all the flavours of services the agency provides for its clients. Going the extra mile for its clients is a given and one that can be testified to. In terms of the outlook for the agency, it is business as usual in these ever-challenging times. O.B.S. continues to work tightly with its present clients to deliver best in class service while working with new clients as they arise. Strategically, the aim going forward is to continue to scale at a contained rate and work with clients who truly ‘get’ the agency’s rationale, value proposition and how it fits in. Richard is also interested to now extend the agency’s presence overseas and is presently exploring options to this effect. Additionally, with O.B.S.’ deep experience in working with many leading financial software houses over its history, the agency has recently extended a new, standalone advisory service to the market. Over its many years of operation, it has accrued first-hand deep insight into how successful business development/sales engines work within the space. It knows what they look like and what it takes. This advisory service might suit both smaller houses looking to move beyond start-up phase and put in place a more systematic business development/sales infrastructure and larger houses looking to sanity check their operations in this area by seeking a third-party view. Winning the 2022 Wealth & Finance International award for ‘Best Outsourced Business Development Services Agency” from AI Global Media is a true accolade and affirmation for the agency. It is one it deeply appreciates. As O.B.S. begins its next phase of growth, it is helping its clients grow which will always be its principal driver. And as said, its greatest buzz. Company: O.B.S. Sales Services Ltd Contact: Richard Waller, Founder & CEO Email: [email protected] Website: www.obs-sales-services.com Sep22195 Founded back in May 2007 and headquartered in London, O.B.S. Sales Services Ltd (‘O.B.S.’) is a unique, specialist high-end agency in the FinTech sector. Best Crypto/Blockchain VC Fund: Crypto VCF: Blockchain Opportunity Fund & Best Emerging Crypto Fund Managers - USA