Retirement Planning Awards 2022 4 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Retirement Planning Awards Gahnic Services & Consulting was created to be a provider of HR services that are focused on emergency and temporary relief in benefits management. Moreover, it acts as a trusted and transparent partner for organisations of all sizes that face a lack of resources to manage their pension plans, group insurance, and other benefits. Indeed, Gahnic Services & Consulting spawned from the shortage of labour that has consequently led to a lack of management for group insurance, pension plans, and other social benefits. Offering solutions tailored to its clients’ needs, expectations, and requirements, Gahnic Services & Consulting prides itself on its flexibility. It seamlessly combines technical expertise with business acumen and deep operational understanding to ensure the continuity of the client’s benefits policy during peak periods, of a leave of absence, or while awaiting successful completion of their vacant position. In addition, it greatly benefits from a background that is built upon an abundance of knowledge and understanding surrounding the industry – as such, this has culminated in a necessary starting point for a resolutely qualitative approach. Working primarily with medium and large-scale companies, Gahnic Services & Consulting cites the P. Drucker quotation, ‘the greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic.’ Henceforth, the firm drives its clients to adapt, aiding them greatly through a specialist service. Working remotely, it is essential for the company to take a wholly client-centric approach, as this not only keeps present clients happy, but also draws more in. This has proven to be a great benefit over the past few years, particularly in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Such an emergency, followed by an extended period of turbulence, proved that Gahnic Services & Consulting was a necessary service and that there was, in fact, a place for it within the market. Gaining clients across North America, Providing on-demand expertise in employee benefits, Gahnic Services & Consulting boasts a unique position in the market. Overcoming numerous challenges in its lifetime, particularly the doubts of those who failed to understand its purpose, the company has proven its strength, determination, and durability. Henceforth, for Gahnic Services & Consulting, 2022 is set to be filled with abundance. Most Innovative Benefits Management Consulting Firm - North America Gahnic Services & Consulting guided them through the pandemic using three-to-15-month contracts at a low cost. Additionally, it offered them ‘agility, flexibility, innovation, and creativity’ through the means of remote VPN connections, VDI, outsourced virtual desktops, and customerprovided devices. Their clients provide the cuttingedge technology, and Gahnic provides them timely cutting-edge expertise. Sustainability was a core focus for Danielle Varela, the company’s founder, as she believed that it was imperative to find a way for the company to remain ahead of the curve. Alongside the prior points, Danielle resolved that ‘Agility, innovation, flexibility, [and] creativity,’ was the way forward. However, when initially investing into the company, she was ‘more focused on creativity than innovation.’ Yet these two words, Danielle states, could be synonymous – ‘they both imply a tolerance for ambiguity or unpredictability, a resistance to stress, a willingness to take appropriate risks and an interest in exploring the unknown.’ However, perhaps the primary source for Gahnic Services & Consulting’s success simply comes from a deep-rooted belief in the company. Commenting that ‘many people did not believe in my project and thought that the way I wanted to offer my services was a real joke,’ Danielle’s determination and utmost confidence has clearly infused itself within the company, as after a year and a half, the firm is still here and is more successful than ever. “Receiving recognition as the Most Innovative Benefits Management Consulting Firm - North America-is rewarding. But the intangible and emotional value of this award is by far the most motivating aspect of this success,’’ states Danielle. Therefore, the future looks bright for Gahnic Services & Consulting. Supported by determination, faith, and a growing clientele, there are numerous paths for the company to follow, each one leading to a state of abundance and recognition. Consequently, Gahnic Services & Consulting has cultivated a plethora of plans – including the company’s focus on promoting its services and increasing its visibility in Quebec. ‘’We know that there will be uphill battles and that our objectives are ambitious, but we are confidently moving towards them. After all, Gahnic was born out of ambition: Think outside the box’’ Danielle states. Contact: Danielle Varela Company: Gahnic Services & Consulting Web Address: Jan22381