Venture Capital Awards 2022 6 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Venture Capital Awards Critically, when it comes to portfolio and deal management, Floww champions the use of verified sources. Enabling users – businesses and investors alike - to connect with, share and manage deals in their networks, it also gives them total control over their own data visibility. Users are able to grant access to all or select parts of their sensitive information to other users. This creates a secure way for every industry player to share relevant data to the right people during their business interactions. These capabilities extend to business interactions with connections both inside and outside of people’s immediate networks. Having made itself the ideal platform for connecting, analysing, transacting and reporting in private markets, the easy-to-use interface and smart workflow tools make investor relationships effortless and ensures neither investors nor businesses miss any golden opportunities – a regular occurrence on most other bloated software. Floww can improve productivity by up to 25% as A data-centric investment platform, Floww offers a way for institutional and individual investors to better network with private companies. By making use of source data, the brand’s vision is to make access to capital for growing companies and investors easier. Today, Floww hosts nearly 10,000 private companies and over 1,000 investors in one seamless platform. This ecosystem of access and trust supports more effective capital raising amongst its clients and improves the synergy between investors and venture capitalists alike. a result of its user-friendly interface and sharing principles. The platform enables private companies and investors to save time and energy on due diligence and reporting, freeing up resource and time for developing impactful relationships – a much better use of manpower and talent. Built by a group of internationally informed forwardthinkers, entrepreneurs, individual and professional investors and innovators, Floww seamlessly translates complex data, problems, and ideas into simple, human-centric solutions. Striving to help cultivate a thriving future for investors and private businesses, Floww aims to make the private market ecosystem more reliable and liquid with greater transparency and a focus on human connection. The platform works with a huge range of clients from Pre-seed and Pre-IPO companies, to angel investors, venture capitalists, private equity, banks, family offices, and many more private market players. Most Innovative FinTech Start-Up - UK Sep22305 Over the past ten years, the private market has been streamlined by the rise of new platforms and financial institutions, but the reality is the sector is still marred by muddy waters. Floww aims to cut through the mire to be provide the infrastructure that brings the disparate networks of the industry together, enabling them to become a more connected and efficient ecosystem that increases the speed and volume of transactions - unlocking enhanced capitalisation routes and accelerating innovation. Floww is at the forefront of the private market transformation and will continue to pioneer change in the coming years. Company: Floww Contact: Martijn de Wever Website: