W&F December 2017

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 6 Wealth & Finance International - December 2017 Aquila provides fitness facility and program management for corporations, real estate properties, government agencies and private properties. Looking at the firm’s overall mission, the firm aims to provide its customers with up- to-date management services so that it can offer five start fitness and wellbeing services in their properties. Providing a thorough service, the company use detailed and structured internal systems in order to provide the best results for its clients. These systems can include quality monitoring and improvement processes, as well as benchmarking, re-engineering and employee engagements as well as additional services. Working within such a fast-paced industry, the team at Aquila ensures that all staff are alert and able to keep up with emerging developments within the industry. Keeping ahead of any possible advances, contributes to the success of any firm and Aquila remains on top of the industry by using its experience, in services such as data. The team also set targets, fine tune the practices they employ, and examine their process, looking for new ways to be innovative and keep the client interested. Aquila always meets and aims to exceed the client’s requirements by working as a partner, not just a solution provider. The team were very honoured to be part of the 2017 Consulting Top 100, and are thankful for being recognized as a leader in the industry. This success has come about thanks to the company being able to differentiate itself from its competitors, which as a result, guarantees that clients will know that the company are the best option. The team concentrate on added value, trust, convenience, corporate consciousness, and providing value for money. Unrivalled in many aspects of its success, Aquila’s culture is one of development and the team believes in empowering its people. Employees at the company grow in stature and experience, and feel empowered to contribute in more meaningful ways, before they move on to positions with greater responsibility, subsequently enhancing their careers. Within the company there is a culture which is one of openness and communication. Therefore, as a result, ideas flow freely between staff members, with teams contributing significantly to furthering the company’s goals. With the health and wellbeing industry being such a competitive industry, there are always challenges which present themselves to different firms. Engaging with people and attempting to make lasting behaviour changes in their health and fitness behaviours is a constant challenge, and one that the team are always working hard to overcome. As the industry evolves, so will Aquila, and there will be a greater engagement of technology solutions in the market, which, coupled with human performance and excellence will benefit both Aquila and the relevant sector. The recovery and therapy of existing health and physical ailments will bolster the company, which will further expand the continuum of the service that Aquila is able to offer on-site. Going forwards, Aquila gained 25.10% increase in revenue for 2016 and is on continued growth path in 2017 and 2018. Aquila continues the growth path from 2015 when the Company was selected among INC 5000 fastest growing private companies in the U.S. with a 3-year growth rate of 68%. This brings the overall 4-year growth rate to 93.10%. Overall, the wider state of health industry and importance of health and wellbeing provides Aquila’s segment great growth opportunities in all areas of its services. Aquila is an exciting full service on-site health, fitness and wellbeing management company. We profile the firm as we look to explore the secrets behind its ongoing success. Real People. Real Health. 1712WF01 Company: Aquila Address: 1212 Brickell Avenue, Suite 1060, Miami, Florida, 33131, USA Phone: 001 800 806 8482 Website: www.aquilaltd.com “The team were very honoured to be part of the 2017 Consulting Top 100, and are thankful for being recognized as a leader in the industry.”

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