W&F November 2017

www.wealthandfinance-news.com AspectCTRM was delivered as the first web-based trade and risk solution 17 years ago. Seetha Bansil, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), works on the Executive Management Team at Aspect Enterprise Solutions. We profile the company and Seetha as we look to find out more about her and the company’s success. November 2017 Transforming the way Companies do Business The Rosinger Group: Outstanding and Unique We profile the firm as we look to find out more about the Group and the services that it offers. D’Well Research: An Experience That Matters Credence International Expertise, Professionalism and Integrity We profile SCWP Schindhelm to learn more and find out how it came to win the accolade of ‘Most Outstanding Law Firm of 2017’. World Class Car Restoration