W&F November 2017

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 16 Wealth & Finance International - November 2017 we do. It is a merit of each of our 200 employees, and developers, designers, QA testers, project managers, business development managers, etc. In addition, it is a big motivation for us to work even harder and grow faster in 2018.” As with many industries, the software development industry is constantly evolving, and Roman describes what techniques the firm employs in order to stay ahead of emerging developments within the market. He alludes to the constant monitoring and checking up of the latest trends, guaranteeing that Zfort Group never falls behind. “On a constant basis, we monitor the latest trends in IT sector and provide conditions for the permanent professional growth of our employees. That includes internal lectures within our events Z-FastTrack and Z-Day, certifications, conferences, library updates, and more. Also, we constantly expand our team by hiring the best industry experts from outside.” Operating in such a vital industry where customer satisfaction and word of mouth business is a big factor. Roman refers to the firm’s approach to client service, and how the company makes sure that it receives the very best support and advice from the firm. “Having a 17-year experience in IT industry, we are well aware of the customers’ needs. Individual approach, flexibility, and efficiency, these are the main components of our client service. We deeply analyze the client’s business before the project starts, and provide a quality control and client support on every project stage.” In relation to its recent achievements, Roman also discusses the financial performance of Zfort Group over the past twelve months. The impressive increase in the Group’s turnover is something which stands out, and highlights the progress that the company is making. “Zfort Group’s turnover in 2017 increased by 20% compared to the previous year. Our sales rose by 15%, and this shows the progress we are making in capturing opportunities of the software development market. We have no secrets that stand behind our success, except one - work hard every day. Two established partnerships with representatives from the UK and Australia, a dedicated team of 25 people for a big European company, prolongation of contracts with six existing clients - these are our main achievements in 2017. For us, it was a year of operational improvements, resulting in a substantial increase in profitability.” Lastly, Roman signs off by acknowledging that moving forward, things will get better for Zfort Group. He talks about negotiations which are underway in regard to long-term cooperation with several large customers from other counties, creating a positive outlook for the company. “Moving forward, we plan to explore new niches and markets, establish new partnerships, and work on new challenging projects. At the moment, we are negotiating on long-term cooperation with several large customers from the US and Canada. In the nearest future, we aim to strengthen company’s presence in the Australian and European markets through the network of representatives. In addition, we will continue sharing our expertise by speaking at international events and writing guest publications.” Since 2000, Zfort Group has provided custom software development and dedicated teams for the world’s leading businesses. Its services include detailed Business Analysis and Consulting, top- notch Web and Mobile Development, responsive UI/UX Design, strong Project Management, and thorough Quality Assurance. Zfort Group’s customers include online marketing agencies, web design studios, e-Commerce stores, technology start-ups, and other companies from Dating, Charity, Financial, Educational, Real Estate, Medicine industries. Roman outlines the firm’s overall mission and what steps the company plans to take in order to achieve this. “Here at Zfort Group, our mission is to help thousands of businesses succeed through our high-quality software development services. To achieve this, we have elaborated a proven methodology for each of 28 industries served. That helps us deliver software solutions on time and on a budget, without any project delays and false estimates. Later, together with our clients, we evaluate how our collaboration impacted their website traffic, app downloads, sales, and ROI.” Alluding to its ongoing success, Roman tells us how it feels to have been selected in the 2017 Business Awards as the Top Software Development Company 2017, before describing what this means for the firm going forward. “There are many worthy companies in IT industry, and we are proud to have been selected as the best one in our segment. It is an important occasion for our clients and partners as well. “Being awarded as the Top Software Development Company 2017 is proof that we are good in what Zfort Group is a successful full cycle software development company. Roman Korzh, Chief Partnership Officer of Zfort Group, goes into detail about the services that the firm offers and what the secrets are behind its success, as it is featured in the 2017 Business Awards as the Top Software Development Company 2017. Helping Businesses Develop and Improve Their Software Products 1711WF09 Company: Zfort Group Contact: Roman Korzh, CPO Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Buchmy St, 1-B, 3rd floor, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61144 Phone: +1 347 480 13 34 Website: www.zfort.com