W&F November 2017

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 20 Wealth & Finance International - November 2017 Founded in 2005, SCG Fund Services is an innovative hedge fund consultancy firm that provides personalized solutions to fund managers in all aspects of the industry. Offering an innovative, holistic approach to hedge fund consultancy, bolstered by its mammoth, interconnected internet network, the firm aims to provide true excellence for its valued clients. A creative tech savvy company paving a new path for the fund consultancy industry, SCG, which is Canadian owned, maintains a holistic approach to guiding and educating new and emerging hedge fund managers in structuring both domestic and offshore funds. Clients have ranged from first time fund managers, to the seasoned, interested in structuring additional funds. To ensure clients always receive the support they need, the company provides clients with professional guidance through all aspects of launching and operating a fund. Its services extend to all stages of the fund formation process; from entity formation and the preparation of full-colour offering documents to advising on the selection of service providers to marketing the fund. Through years of accumulated experience, the SCG team has the foresight to identify the seemingly minor problems that can have catastrophic results for an inexperienced fund manager, and moving forward the firm will continue to offer the exceptional services that clients have come to rely on. SCG Fund Service is a global financial service company with a dedicated team of professionals who are focused on providing clients with first-class service that they have come to expect. We profile the firm to explore how it came to be among our prestigious ‘2017 Alternative Investment Top 100’. SCG Fund Service: Supporting Success in Finance 1711WF02 “Offering an innovative, holistic approach to hedge fund consultancy...” Company: SCG Fund Services Contact: Douglas G. Fathers Address: Suite 205A, Saffrey Square Bank Lane & Bay Street, Nassau, P. O. Box N-9934, Bahamas Phone: +1 242 702 3121 Email: [email protected] Website: https://scgfundservices.com/

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