Wealth and Money Management Awards 2019

Wealth & Finance International - Wealth and Money Management Awards 2019 3 APR2w2 Contents 4. Lady F Wealth Management: Leading Innovator in Wealth Management & Most Outstanding Woman in Finance 2019 5. Woodfall Wealth Consultancy: Best Wealth Management Firm - London 6. Unik Capital Solutions: Best Real Estate Investment Solutions Specialists - Europe 7. Victoria Brown Financial Planning Limited: Best Emerging Financial Planning Firm - Scottish Lowlands 8. Van Leeuwen & Company, LLC: Best Boutique Wealth Management Firm 2019 - New Jersey 9. Crossmark Global Investments: Best Investment Advisory Firm & Leading Specialists in Values-Based Investing 10. Sorin Capital Funds: Best Early-Stage VC Investment Company - Virginia 11. The Wealth Consultant: Best Digital Wealth Consultancy 2019 12. Relevant Wealth Advisors: Best Family Wealth Management Firm 2019 - San Francisco Bay Area 13. Rothenberg Capital Management Inc.: Best Independent Financial Services Broker 14. Spearvest: Best Swiss Investment Advisory Firm 15. Navalign Wealth Partners: Best Fiduciary Wealth Management Firm 2019 – Los Angeles 16. Capital Counsel: Best Independent Investment Management 2019 - New York 17. T Bridge Venture Partners Ltd: Best Early-Stage Renewable Energy VC Firm 2019 18. IGF Invests in ABL Team Following Strong EOY Results 19. Finance Businesses Missing the Mark with Gamified Rewards