Wealth & finance International - Wealth & Money Management Awards 2015

www.wealthandfinance-intl.com 11 The Spaulding Group Best GIPS Consulting Firm of 2015 - USA & Sustained Excellence in Performance Measurement - USA The Spaulding Group is 100% focused on investment performance measurement. Our clients are asset managers, asset owners, custodians, broker dealers, software vendors, and investment consultants. We provide a range of services including GIPS and non-GIPS performance verification, consulting, software certification, operations reviews, training, conferences, interactive forums, and publishing. Our business philosophy is simple: the client comes first. We always do what is in the best interest of our clients and as a result we have a near 100% client retention rate. Our clients regularly refer us to other firms that can benefit from our services. We offer our clients the highest level of service and expertise and are fortunate to have many, many long term clients. We believe it is our obligation to ensure our clients always get the support they need, and everything we do is done with our client’s best interests in mind. We never sell a client more than they need and we do our best to prevent them from buying less. This principal helps ensure our clients get exactly what they need. The Spaulding Group is the catalyst for much of the change that takes place within our area of focus: performance measurement. We are deeply connected and heavily involved in the industry through confer- ences, industry groups, and other platforms that allow us to encour- age and stay on top of change and make our voice heard. We keep up-to-date with the latest industry news, and also use our expertise to influence the environment in which we operate. Our firm is a tight knit company with many of our employees being fam- ily or lifetime friends. This allows us to communicate easily with each other, and work well together. We’ve been fortunate to be able to hire people we knew either personally or professionally, thanks to our strong connections in the industry. We are a small group that works closely together and is able to accomplish a tremendous amount. Because we have limited staff turnover our clients are able to get to know our team personally, and our team gets to know them. This enables us to offer our clients a truly personal service and to communicate easily with them in order to tailor our service to their needs. Our level of service, profession- alism, and expertise is unmatched. We stress this in all marketing and client relations, so that our clients understand how important they are to us, and this is also reflected in all of the work we do. This has helped us grow quickly and to build long relationships with our clients. The role of performance and risk measurement has grown consider- ably within the investment management industry and this continues, as we see it in all aspects of investing, from institutional asset manag- ers to retail brokerage firms. As a result, there is increased attention to the data requirements and the steps needed to ensure accuracy, which can often be challenging. Data discussions are recurring with increased frequency, as firms and individuals discover the mounds of challenges they involve. The Spaulding Group has coped well with these developments to the industry, and we have carved a niche for ourselves based on our customer centred work practises and our close ties within the industry. This award means a lot to the Spaulding Group. We feel that being recognized for the work we do is exciting, encouraging, and gratifying. We contribute our success in this area to our unique approach to veri- fication and our attitude towards our customers. While our competitors tend to service their clients with junior-level staff and do much of their work remotely, we only use senior level GIPS specialists and conduct the majority of our work at our clients’ offices, so they receive the highest possible level of service. This is the most efficient and thorough way to do this type of work, and our clients recognize and appreciate these benefits. Many of our customers specifically recommend us because of our use of onsite verifiers, which represent a convenient and customer-orientated means to service our clients. Also, by putting our clients first and analysing their needs thoroughly, we have been able to establish a loyal, client base which is crucial to maintaining a strong presence in our industry. We believe that recognising businesses such as ours by using awards such as this is important to our industry and to us as an individual busi- ness because it provides an objective and independant statement of our achievements and status within the industry. We also believe it provides a recognition of all the important work we do, which always has value, both for self-satisfaction as well as marketing and client relations.

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