Wealth & finance International - Wealth & Money Management Awards 2015

www.wealthandfinance-intl.com 23 The BlackRidge Group at Morgan Stanley Best for Retirement Plan Sponsors - Minnesota The BlackRidge Group at Morgan Stanley is built on the foundation of providing exceptional client service. This means they are intensely focused on providing the type of service that exceeds each client’s expectations, whether working with retirement plan participants, high net worth families, or institutions. Company: The BlackRidge Group at Morgan Stanley Team Members: David Olson, Kathleen Allison, Bill Hankerson, Greg Snider, Jana Holst, Beth Blaisdell and Cathy Olson Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.morganstanleyfa.com/blackridgegroup Address: 14 Second Street SW Suite 201, Rochester, MN 55902 Telephone: (800) 328-8191 or (507) 281-0403 As a team, The BlackRidge Group draws on the depth of their collective experience and the vast resources of Morgan Stanley to create a posi- tive client experience. From business owners to medical professionals, each client is taken through an in-depth discovery process to get a holistic understanding of who they are and what they want to achieve. Once understood, The BlackRidge Group will create a comprehensive wealth management strategy designed to meet those unique objectives. As the strategies are outlined, each customized plan is implemented through a series of regular progress meetings with the client and often with their entire professional team. These regularly scheduled meetings help to track progress toward goals, stay abreast of changes in invest- ment objectives or client circumstances and review tactical strategy shifts as needed. While wealth management is more than investments, in the face of today’s uncertain and volatile market conditions, The BlackRidge Group believes a disciplined investment process is more critical than ever. They look to rebalance portfolios in response to changing market condi- tions while working within a long-term strategic portfolio framework that is based upon sound academic principles. David Olson and Kathy Allison stated “they are both honored and hum- bled to be named “Best for Retirement Plan Sponsors – Minnesota” knowing the field has many strong players and they have great respect for their industry colleagues focusing on this important business need.” They are also grateful to the clients that have entrusted them with the important retirement assets of their employees. They believe the value of team and partnership are validated as they have worked hard to build relationships with top talent at every position. Team members Greg Snider and Bill Hankerson added “we believe it is very important that top quality providers be identifiable in a field often confusing to the investing public.” “We are all very grateful for recognition of what has taken years of hard work on the part of many people to create and hope that industry recognition of high integrity work by all recipients ultimately helps more clients find the specialized help they need.” The common thread among all of their relationships is the consultative approach they take in the development of custom strategies designed to meet the specific goals and objectives of each respective client. Good stewardship is important to The BlackRidge Group and if it is important to you, let them help you “get it right the first time.”

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