Wealth & finance International - Wealth & Money Management Awards 2015

Wealt h & Money Management Awards 2015 26 Personalized Investment Planning Inc. Award for Excellence in Risk Management - Canada & Best for Cash Flow Optimization - Ontario Personalized Investment Planning have been providing exceptional management and advice for over a quarter century in the areas of insurance, guaranteed investments and financial planning. We spoke to Michael Gentile, President of Personalized Investment Planning, to find out more about their company. Company: Personalized Investment Planning Inc. Name: Michael Gentile, B.A., C.L.U., CH.F.C., C.F.P. (President) Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.benefits-plus.ca Address: 1644 Highland Rd W. Unit 5, Kitchener ON N2N 3K7 Tel: 519-886-2707 We work with a significant number of high net worth clients who have worked long and hard to accumulate wealth. Our core principle is to be consistent with the need to protect and grow our clients’ financial resources. As a result, we take a capital preservation approach to man- aging their wealth first with growth as the secondary consideration. In terms of client service, Personalized Investment Planning takes the time needed to learn the objectives and the risk tolerance of our clients, so that we can customize a portfolio consistent with their needs in both the long and the short term. Our mission statement clearly defines our culture as follows “not to meet but to exceed the expectations of our valued clients” therefore service and performance oriented. We believe that it is important to our clients that we are not one dimensional in regards to the range of services we provide, hence our ability to differentiate from many if not most of our competitors. To maintain a competitive edge in an ever developing financial services industry, we employ a suite of services that in effect bridge the gaps that most of our competitors cannot. The financial services industry is currently undergoing a very extensive compliance overhaul and we expect this trend to continue for the foreseeable future, in addition to this aspect we are seeing more involvement of regulatory bodies and a potential increase in administrative costs to meet the de- mands of the regulatory authorities involved. We are confident that our services will continue to adapt and evolve to the constantly changing demands of our clients. As for the award, it feels rewarding to have been named “Best for retirement plan sponsors” and financial planning. It serves as recogni- tion for our extensive efforts to provide quality service and advice to our clients. We believe that awards of this nature are important to the extent that they acknowledge that valuable work we do in an increasingly complicated financial environment and in a world with increasing life expectancy, that Financial Resources and their duration are of greater importance today. www.wealthandfinance-intl.com

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