Wealth & finance International - Wealth & Money Management Awards 2015

Wealth & Money Management Awards 2015 28 Quilter Cheviot Limited Best for Managed Portfolio Services - UK Quilter Cheviot has built a strong reputation over several hundred years as a respected firm of investment managers. We are fast becoming one of the largest providers of bespoke investment management with more than £17.2 billion of assets under management as at 30 June 2015 and over 160 investment managers based across the UK, Jersey and Ireland. Company: Quilter Cheviot Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.quiltercheviot.com Address: One Kingsway London WC2B 6AN Telephone: 020 7150 4000 Quilter Cheviot focuses on structuring and managing bespoke portfolios for private clients, professional intermediaries, charities, trusts and pension funds. Throughout our history, our standards and values have remained consistent. We focus on building relationships before portfolios and do not split the roles of investment and relationship manager. We ask our clients the questions that count to ensure that their unique needs are matched with the right investment opportunities to achieve their goals through carefully considered long-term investment. We pride ourselves on our rigorous approach to building financial strategies and flexibility in the face of changing circumstances. DPS portfolios are carefully matched to each client’s objectives, risk pro- file and investment time horizon. In order to provide a truly personalised service we assign an investment manager to each client. This allows the investment manager to have a clear understanding of the client’s objectives and create a bespoke portfolio. Benchmarking is a key part of our investment process as it provides a framework for implementing and monitoring asset allocation, controlling risk and managing expectations. For many clients, we use the FTSE WMA Private Investor Index Series benchmarks, but we can create a specialist bespoke benchmark when needed. An appointed investment manager and their team are always on hand for the client. On-going meetings ensure that the client remains confi- dent and that we continue to meet their objectives. However, informal communication via telephone and email is on-going. We believe the client’s involvement is fundamental to the construction of an appropriate portfolio. An appropriate investment strategy will be agreed with the client and a portfolio constructed to meet their require- ments. Our emphasis is on a bespoke and tailored approach designed to meet our clients’ evolving circumstances. Focusing people on common goals often helps and this is made eas- ier when there is a clear vision that staff relate to. At Quilter Cheviot, we strive to create an environment where two way communications can nourish. In-depth Technical Expertise Our investment management teams are made up of experienced, highly qualified investment professionals working together towards a collective house view with a rigorous investment approach focusing on client requirements. Our investment professionals have worked together for many years and bring a variety of strengths to our collective investment process. We believe that this differentiates us from many of our com- petitors who adopt a centralised investment model, drawing on a limited number of opinions and views to create their investment strategies. We’re delighted to have been recognised for the quality of service we provide to our clients. To receive an award and be recognised as a company which excels in this area is something we are proud of. For the industry we hope that there will be continued tough competition to win awards as this means more satisfied clients and more success for the industry as a whole.

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