Women in Wealth Awards 2016

Women in Wealth Awards 2016 30 Best Woman-Owned Employee Benefits Law Firm - USA Marcia started The Wagner Law Group by herself and has managed its substantial growth since its foundation. Now, with 25 attorneys, and offices in Boston, Palm Beach Gardens, St. Louis, San Francisco and Tampa, the group boasts clients across the United States and in several foreign countries. The firm’s clients include publicly-traded multistate and multinational businesses, sole proprietors, for-profit clients, professional service organizations, non-profit entities, trade and professional associations and government instrumentalities. The Wagner Law Group’s attorneys combine prior experience from law firms, insurance companies, consulting firms, financial firms, and an in-house counsel, which lend to a depth of expertise and variety of perspectives which enables them to handle the most complex and sophisticated legal issues in their areas of practice. Five of the firm’s senior attorneys - Russ Gaudreau, Roberta Casper Watson, Barry Salkin, Bruce McNeil and Marcia - are Fellows of the American College of Employee Benefits Counsel, an invitation-only organization of nationally recognized employee benefits lawyers with 20 or more years of experience. Six of the firm’s attorneys - Russ Gaudreau, Diane Goulder Cohen, Stuart Klein, Roberta Casper Watson, Bruce McNeil and herself - are AV rated by Martindale-Hubbell as having a very high to preeminent legal abilities and ethical standards. Marcia notes that when she joined the legal profession, it was a very male dominant sector. “At the start, I was looked at by many of my male counterparts and superiors as an intruder. This drove me to work harder and prove that gender does not define one’s abilities. I was motivated to show the world that I could be the best in my field, and gave maximum effort in order to achieve just that.

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