Women in Wealth Awards 2016

Women in Wealth Awards 2016 32 Best Female in Probate Leadership 2016 - UK The firm continues to do well in achieving its annual milestones as part of its five-year strategy; in 2015/2016, revenues went up by 11.9%, with profits up by 21%. Thomson Snell & Passmore’s private client department continues to be one of three main drivers of their growth, and this was recognised by The Law Society, who awarded them with Excellence in Private Client Practice 2016. The private wealth practice covers Tax, Trusts and Probate which includes: Wills, powers of attorney, tax planning, family investment companies and structures; the creation, restructuring, and management of trusts, tax returns; and domestic and multi-jurisdictional estate administration. Thomson Snell & Passmore service a multitude of clients, with a particular focus on high net worth individuals ranging from professionals, such as barristers, solicitors and accountants, alongside entrepreneurs, those in the music industry, business owners, farmers and landed estates. They also help their client’s families, providing advice to the next generation and supporting elderly members of the family. Helen feels privileged to be one of the owners and custodians of the firm. She joined the firm over 15 years ago, as an associate, having practiced in Kent for two other firms. At these firms Helen gained invaluable experience, with exposure to good quality and interesting work, which ranged from will drafting, powers of attorney, probate and also family law. Helen was able to take responsibility for running private client services, which gave her focus on business skills and developed her interpersonal skills, which in turn enabled her to build her career at Thomson Snell & Passmore, undertaking and specializing in estate administration work, including post death tax planning. Helen’s background and experience in family law has stood her in good stead when dealing with the more complex family structures requiring careful and moderated handling.

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