Investment banking leader Reliance Partners, Inc. has rebranded itself as InvestBank Corp. The name InvestBank more accurately describes the business activities of the established global investment bank. As the investment bank continues to expand its global reach, its new, differentiated brand identity will allow it to create significant brand awareness.

Reliance Partners was established in 2003. The investment bank has since grown into one of the leading independent investment banks. InvestBank Corp., formerly and d/b/a Reliance Partners, Inc., has a vast geographic presence. InvestBank has approximately 35 independent advisors and branches in its global advisory network. These advisors service North and South America, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Russia, Australia, and Africa.

InvestBank is an opportunistic firm which engages select clients and represents institutional sources of capital. The firm’s global advisory network provides the investment bank with many of its target opportunities. The firm is currently evaluating close to USD 2.0 billion in potential financing engagements and has approximately USD 630 million in projects and financings under contract.

InvestBank has access to diverse sources of capital through its global investor network, which is mainly comprised of institutional capital sources. These capital sources allow the firm to operate in a generalistic manner and give the firm the ability to service clients in diverse industry sectors and in diverse geographic locations. InvestBank is able to generate international attention for its clients’ transactional needs. The firm is known for delivering creative and flexible financing options.

While Reliance Partners is and was an established brand in the global financial community with an impeccable industry reputation, the name Reliance Partners is appropriate for any company which renders professional services. The strategic corporate rebranding of Reliance Partners, Inc. as InvestBank Corp. allows the global investment bank to better position itself to take advantage of new opportunities and to create extensive brand awareness. InvestBank aims to become the undisputed leader amongst independent investment banks through unparalleled brand recognition and through the high caliber investment banking advisory services it provides.