LG - Provides Efficiency and Security to Cash Transactions


As any Credit Union manager can tell you, the primary reason their members visit a branch is to conduct cash transactions. Unfortunately, tellers spend most of that transaction time with their heads down, counting cash.

To help tellers use valuable face time with customers more productively, PNCU has installed 3 LG CNS LTA-350 cash recyclers in two of their branches. The system verifies and counts bills automatically, giving tellers a new ability to interact with members—focusing on building relationships and upselling profitable products and services.

"Using the LTA-350, our tellers cash checks, make bill payments and process all deposits in half the time it usually takes," says PNCU President, James Kelly. "The large touchscreen is easy for tellers to use and it fits the way they work. Most important, it gives them more time to talk directly to our members when they come in, which is key to growing our business."

The system recycles cash for redistribution, so bank and credit union branches don't need to keep as much cash on hand, another important benefit. "Now nearly all cash within the branch can be secured. There are fewer cash buys and sells and cash management is much more efficient," explained Billy Back, President of US LG CNS.

The LTA-350 is being distributed across North America through best-in-class resellers that include BranchServ, who provide integration support and service. Qualified resellers throughout the U.S. are joining the team to deliver and support leading-edge technologies from LG CNS.

"LG CNS is known for providing user-friendly solutions that increase efficiency and security in bank branches," said Mr. Back. "With the LTA-350, you can see and measure the time savings, increased security, productivity gains and higher levels of customer satisfaction. That's a big win for everyone."

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