Nearly 40% of investors indicate an increased need for investment advice, according to global analytics firm Cerulli Associates.

“One of the challenges facing the advisory industry is simply helping potential clients understand the value an advisor can provide,” comments Roger Stamper, senior analyst at Cerulli. “The good news for advisors is that investors are expressing increased interest in seeking advice regarding their portfolios. Overall, 37% of our survey respondents indicate an increased need for investment advice.”

Cerulli’s U.S. Retail Investor Advice Relationships 2013: Sorting Out the Winners and Losers report provides perspective on the relationship between financial providers and retail investors, covering the provider-client relationship from end to end, starting with client acquisition, progressing through advice delivery, investment management, pricing, and client retention strategies.

Rather than fighting over those investors who have already engaged with a provider, Cerulli believes the real opportunity for providers to substantially increase their marketshare is to address those in the middle segment who are unsure of the value of advice.

“Instead of trying to convince clients who are generally happy with the advice they receive, firms have the opportunity to address a new segment of clients,” Stamper explains. “Only by expanding the addressable client base overall does the industry benefit.”

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