Fintech Usage Jumps by Over 50% During the Lockdown Period
The most common uses of fintech have been checking one’s accounts (88%), transferring money (80%), closing or withdrawing funds out
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Forward Planning: 7 Easy Tips for Managing Your Retirement Savings
We’ve all dreamed about a blissful retirement, spending more time with the people we love, in places we love and
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Ten Credit Markets Warnings Signalling Long-Term Alpha Opportunity
Marc SYZ, managing partner of SYZ Capital, highlights ten warning signals that encapsulate the deteriorating fundamentals and illustrate the potential
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Martin Lewis
Martin Lewis Financial Education Textbook Rolled Out to 700 Schools Across the UK
The first ever financial education textbook to hit Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales will be rolled out over the next
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How Millennials Can Get Ahead With Their Money
Millennials tend to be good savers, at least compared to other generations. However, millennials still struggle with investing, often because
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UK credit score
Mapped: The UK’s Highest and Lowest Credit Score Hotspots
The south is home to eight of the top ten areas with the highest credit scores in the country according
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financial markets
Markets Have More Upside Potential Despite Second Wave Fears
While fears of a second wave of coronavirus bring renewed volatility to Europe and the US, investors are looking East
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ftse 100
New Tool Shows The FTSE 100 Is Recovering Slower Than Other Global Markets
The Coronavirus lockdown decimated economies all over the planet, but while some stock markets are showing signs of recovery, the
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order finances
10 Minute Money Challenges to Get Your Finances in Order
Auditing finances can sometimes feel like a huge chore, and things may have been forgotten about or pushed to the
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banksy brexit
What is the Post-Brexit Outlook for Sterling?
As we head through the agreed Brexit transition period, many questions remain. One of these uncertainties is that there’s no
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UK Gender Income Gap for Single Pensioners Widens by Almost 20% in Four Years
Men over the age of 75 receive £114 a week more from their pension income than women of the same
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