Why Successful Companies Invest in a Global Mobility Program
Successful companies like Vodafone, Johnson & Johnson, and HSBC have all adopted global mobility programs. Indeed, the use of global
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Christmas Shopping
5 Things Shoppers Need to Know When Using Klarna for Their Christmas Shopping
The Buy Now Pay Later sector has grown rapidly in the last year with millions of people across the UK
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Net Worth
Why Is It Important to Know Your Own Net Worth?
For most people, figuring out their net worth doesn’t seem particularly essential. As long as you know you can afford
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Investment Increase
Hidden Costs When Investing and How Not to Get Hit
According to recent figures, Brits plan to increase their investments by almost a fifth in the wake of the COVID-19
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Majority Say National Insurance Hike Will Change Their Financial Behaviour
The 1.25% increase in National Insurance contributions from 6 April 2022 will cause seven in 10 Brits to change their
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Payment Market
4 Payments Industry Predictions – What Will Disrupt the Market in 2022?
Having dealt with the initial pandemic aftershock, this year the key areas of focus for businesses were building economic resilience
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Growing a Retail Business: How Improving Your Delivery System Helps
Whether you operate an eCommerce retail business or you own a high street shop, there are several steps you can
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Fintech Trends
Five Key Fintech to Watch in 2022
In the year ahead, consumer behaviour and early adoption of new technology are set to transform the financial services market.
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Payment Trend
3 Payments Trends for Emerging Markets to Keep Eye On in 2022
2021 has seen an immense ongoing acceleration and development of the payments industry, giving a strong overall boost to global
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Private Equity
Bite Investments Launches Private Markets Portfolio
Bite Investments, a digital asset manager and fintech company specialised in alternative investments, launches the Bite Private Markets Portfolio, offering
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A Guide on Using the IVA Procedure to Get Rid of Debt in 2021
IVA or Individual Voluntary Agreement is a legally binding agreement between yourself and the creditors that you owe money to.
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