Welcome to the 2021 Q3 edition of Wealth & Finance International Magazine. As always, we endeavour to provide fund managers, institutional and private investors with the very latest industry news in the traditional and alternative investment spheres.

Having eagerly awaited the summer months and the hope of at least some levels of freedom after long periods of government restrictions, it seems almost mad that already we now face September and with it, the end of summer. Yet as we return to the grindstone, there remains a sense of enthusiasm, as businesses across the globe get stuck into developing the ideas and innovations born from the resilience and adaptability called for by global lockdowns.

In this quarter’s issue of W&F, we look at a selection of companies that have not only thrived during the pandemic, but have created solutions with lasting and positive impacts on the investment and financial services sectors. From delt.ai’s credit card and financial management product that has opened doors for small businesses across Mexico to Capital Connect’s automated payment solutions that have become the most valued asset to South African businesses, we are celebrating the best and brightest pioneers of the industry.

Thus, we hope you enjoy exploring the success stories of businesses across the world as they take the lead in this exciting industry. We wish you all the best for the months ahead and look forward to welcoming you back for the Q4 issue of Wealth & Finance International Magazine.