What Do Sex Toys, Architects and Vineyards Have In Common?
They are all sectors that could be claiming for Research and Development Tax Credit, according to R&D specialists RIFT Research
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GDPR post Brexit and the impact on financial services
Like many industries, financial services have felt the effects of uncertainty surrounding if, how and when the UK will leave
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R&D tax relief
Manufacturers top the R&D tax relief table – is your sector lagging behind?
Manufacturing firms claimed £1.25bn using R&D tax relief in the 2017-18 financial year, more than any other industry sector, a
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Boom or bust? Brexit’s impact on innovation and R&D
Here innovation funding specialist MPA, which is exhibiting at Advanced Engineering 2019, looks at the implications of Brexit on innovation
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Climate strikes
Climate change transforms high finance’s relationship with society
Robert Blood, managing director of NGO tracking and issues analysis firm SIGWATCH, explains how the fight against climate change is
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How Regulations Are Driving FinTech Growth
By Mark Hepsworth, CEO Asset Control  As London Fintech Week kicks off, regulation in banking and finance, and the pressure
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What does ULEZ have in store for us?
The world is constantly changing – and the world of driving is no different! The concept of the electric car
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Financial Services Employees Put Their Employers at Risk through Unsecure Communication
Symphony “Workplace Confidential” survey highlights a worryingly casual attitude to workplace communications within the Financial Services Industries Symphony Communication Services,
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