15th December 2015

Renewable Energy Projects Payout

This year’s ‘Christmas bonus’ pushes Abundance’s total P2P cash payouts to investors to over £1.2mn

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Renewable Energy Projects Payout

Abundance, one of the UK’s leading P2P investment providers, has just made its latest cash payment – of £312,000 – to 1,700 investors in 6 of the 15 renewable energy projects funded through the platform to date. This latest cash payment, which happens just before Christmas each year, takes the total Abundance has paid out to investors to over £1.2mn, on a total invested so far of more than £14mn.

These numbers reflect the very strong performance of the project’s funded by Abundance investors since the platform launched three years ago, with all projects solid and a number providing higher returns than planned for investors.

These payments also highlight one of the key and distinct advantages to investing through Abundance: from outset, twice a year throughout the term of your investment, investors receive a cash payment made up of a return of a portion of their original capital, and an additional amount as their investment return. On the projects offered to date, these returns are equivalent to a rate of return of between 6% and 9% IRR, depending on the project.

Therefore, although the typical term of an Abundance investment to ,date has been 20 years, investors enjoy returns early on and throughout the term. By the end of the term, all of their capital will have been returned along with their share of the profits made by the project as the years have rolled on. Added to this, Abundance investors wishing to cash-in early can do so by selling on their investments to others (made possible because they are tradable Debentures) free of charge via the Abundance website.

Bruce Davis, cofounder and joint MD of Abundance said, “The fact that capital is repaid along with investment returns throughout the term of the Debenture is a big attraction to our investors. These half yearly cash payments can either top-up the investor’s income at the time or be re-invested, which produces surprisingly bigger returns given the compounding effect.”

In addition to the cash payouts of more than £1.2mn, Abundance has also confirmed today that the renewable energy projects its investors have funded have so far produced an impressive 9.5 million kWh of electricity. That is more than enough to meet the electricity needs of every one of Abundance’s more than 2,000 investor’s homes over the last year.

Davis continued, “For many of our investors, the renewable energy their money is helping to produce is another important part of the return they are seeking. As each week millions more is withdrawn from investment in fossil fuels across the UK and beyond, our investors enjoy knowing their money is making a positive difference for the future – for them and their children. The fact that our investors enjoy such good returns AND see their money have a positive impact on the world is why we call our approach ‘Win Win’ investing.”


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