Tax Fraud
Do You Want to Learn About Tax Fraud? Here Are Some Valuable Resources in 2021
So, you want to know all about tax fraud? Well, that is one of the duties of every patriotic citizen.
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Tax Evasion, Avoidance And Efficiency: Which Are Legal?
Tax is a subject close to the hearts of most individuals, and business owners. 3 terms frequently used in conversations
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Mechanical Clock
Five World-Changing Inventions With Big R&D Claims Today
R&D tax credit specialists, RIFT Research and Development Ltd, have looked at five historic advancements that not only changed the
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tax claim
R&D Tax Credit Claims Could Pay 178k UK Salaries For A Year
While growth in R&D tax relief claims has increased by 35% annually since inception in 2001 to over £4bn last
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7 Of The Most Common Tax Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)
19% of those who completed a tax return in the past two years believe they may have made an error
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Amazon Is The Global Frontrunner In Research And Development
The latest research by R&D tax credit experts, RIFT Research and Development Ltd, has looked at which names are driving
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What Do Sex Toys, Architects and Vineyards Have In Common?
They are all sectors that could be claiming for Research and Development Tax Credit, according to R&D specialists RIFT Research
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UK Engineering Companies Are Potentially Missing Out On £10 Billion Of R&D Funding Each Year
On average, engineering companies invest £386,000 a year on R&D activity, meaning they are potentially able to claim £100,360 in
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UK Telecoms Industry Boasts Fastest Growing R&D Spend Of Any Sector
Telecoms businesses increased their spending on research and development by £192m to £947m, according to the latest statistics. This was
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UK engineering companies are potentially missing out on £10 billion of R&D funding each year
The study , commissioned by innovation specialists MPA for Advanced Engineering 2019, found that one in five (21%) innovation active
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Bras, rum and crisps – just some of the things the government has given tax relief on
Organisations of all shapes and sizes can benefit from R&D tax credit, providing tax relief on research and development costs
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R&D tax relief
Manufacturers top the R&D tax relief table – is your sector lagging behind?
Manufacturing firms claimed £1.25bn using R&D tax relief in the 2017-18 financial year, more than any other industry sector, a
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