3rd September 2014

UK Starting Talks to Open up India’s Legal Sector

The British Minister for Courts and Legal Aid has called on India to open up its legal sector to firms from overseas.

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UK Starting Talks to Open up India’s Legal Sector

On a visit to India this week, Shailesh Vara said that he had started the process for talks with his Indian counterpart and other key figures about opening up the country’s legal system.

Speaking on his trip to Ahmedabad, Mr Vara said:

“I had met Indian Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and chief of Bar Council of India during my visit to Delhi. Today I met Chief Justice of Gujarat High Court and state head of the Bar Council and talked to them about the need to open up the Indian legal system,”

Addressing a press conference in the city, Mr Vara went on to state how easing access for international law firms to operate in India would be of great benefit to the country.

Outlining how many British-based, and other foreign firms, prefer to retain the services of their legal teams and law firms when looking at opportunities abroad, Mr Vara continued:

“we have just initiated a debate with our Indian counterparts and we would like to discuss the issue, as it would be beneficial to India.”

One of the prescribed intentions of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to attract greater numbers of foreign companies. Mr Vara said that this much sought-after investment from international organisations would likely increase if they could use their existing legal partnerships in the country.

Eager to stress that it would not be about taking over from Indian law firms, Mr Vara gave Britain as an example of how an open and freely accessible legal system can strengthen a country.

Saying that with a more open system India could become a ‘hub’ of legal talent as Britain has been for many years, Mr Vara said allowing international teams to guide investing firms would help attract the world’s best practicing talent and legal students to the country.

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