Our Previous Winners: FinTech Awards (2017)

Wealth and Finance International is delighted to announce the return of the FinTech Awards! Now in the seventh year, the FinTech Awards aims to celebrate the best individuals and firms working within the FinTech field. FinTech is revolutionising everyday life! With more and more people having daily access to the internet, FinTech applications have become vital for those in the industry. In a highly digital world, leading a successful FinTech firm is a huge achievement. Innovation has been key for FinTech and staying ahead of the crowd and implementing new developments is crucial for reaching new consumers. The power of FinTech is exponentially growing, and this is an industry that does not have any plans of slowing down. With experts predicting the industry to reach $174 billion this year alone, FinTech’s business forecast is looking positive, and we at Wealth and Finance International are honoured to celebrate the leaders in this field. From blockchain technologies, cryptocurrency, and banking apps, FinTech is paving the way forward for the international financial sector. Likewise, many FinTech businesses are implementing new methods to enhance the consumer experience, with Chatbots and AI both being utilised to improve the client journey. Maintaining consumers and gaining new clientele is the best business practice for success, and here at Wealth and Finance International, we are thrilled to be able to recognise those that have continued to strive for greatness. FinTech is exciting, everchanging and inevitable, and as an alternative to the norm, FinTech has been a welcomed change to traditional banking practices. This is a booming industry created with strategic partnerships and investments, from the everyday consumer to international businesses, FinTech has the opportunity to impact all aspects of life. Taking part in the FinTech Awards 2023 can be an excellent opportunity to display the hard work conducted throughout the past 12 months! In a world experiencing financial troubles and continuing to lead your business to success, why shouldn’t you be congratulated on your efforts? Small and large firms alike and all of those who work within the FinTech field are welcome to take part in the FinTech Awards 2023. This awards programme is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the hardworking professionals who excel in their sector. Standing out amongst your competitors is vital, and being an award-winning company can help achieve this. So why not get involved with the 2023 edition of the FinTech awards and compete with the very best in the FinTech sector. Utilising our own in-house research team, and nominations, the 2023 edition of the FinTech Awards encourages all to take part. If you know of a company that you think deserves to be celebrated for their efforts, then please get in touch with our Nominations Team. FinTech is a highly lucrative industry in the middle of a financial boom and there seems to be no end in sight for this industry, with profits predicted to continue to rise. Wealth and Finance International is proud to host this exciting awards programme, thereby shining a light on the FinTech stars. 2023 is expected to be a fantastic year for the FinTech industry, so why not get ahead of the curve and showcase your continued success? Wealth and Finance International wishes the best of luck to all the nominees!



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