Ashmore Group - United Kingdom

Emerging Markets Investment Manager of the Year


Ashmore Group was established in 1992 by a team of professionals who have been working in Emerging Markets since the mid 1980's. It is a FTSE 250 company having listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2006 and has a strong employee equity ownership culture.


Dedicated to Emerging Markets                                   

Ashmore has clear and unchanging focus with a long term dedication to Emerging Markets (EM)and a track record of alpha generation across themes and cycles since the first fund launch in 1992. We manage USD 75bn of assets exclusively in EM which spans more than 45 different equity, debt, special situations, overlay and regional investment strategies. We continue to innovate, offering new strategies to allow investors to participate in EM. For example, earlier this year Ashmore was the first manager outside Greater China to be granted RMB Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor status, which has paved the way for new fund launches offering greater and more flexible access to local Chinese markets.


A global team with deep resources

Our global team of over 290 people includes 92 investment professionals, who draw upon deep work and personal experience in EM. Our team has access to a vast network of contacts across more than 60 Emerging Markets countries, amassed over decades of relationship-building. Our constant presence in EM is anchored by local offices in Brazil, China, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Turkey. There is also a strong focus on firm and mandate risk management and a dedicated legal and transaction management team.


A time-tested investment process

Ashmore’s active, team based management process has been tailored to meet the requirements of EM investing. It involves formal investment discipline coupled with the flexibility to respond to rapidly changing events and seeks to combine superior information and analysis to capitalise on opportunities. It has remained consistent for more than 20 years and is proven across market cycles and through global crises.


Data source Ashmore as at 30 June 2014.