Beacon Capital Management - United States of America

Most Innovative Investment Advisory Firm of the Year – Ohio

Beacon Capital Management is a progressive, next-generation registered investment advisory firm that offers innovative, award-winning investment strategies coupled with proprietary and sophisticated risk management solutions. They are dedicated to fundamentally improving the science of investing for financial advisors and institutions, and the clients they serve.

Their diverse portfolio solutions are based on proven academic research with a focus on consistent returns and asset preservation designed for today’s volatile, global economy.  These “Investor Model” portfolios are strategically designed with the needs of a long-term investor in mind.  Beacon Capital Management believes that in order to be successful at investing, it takes a combination of superior products and innovative strategies. Because of this, they utilize world-class investment funds and Nobel-prize-winning research paired with their unique risk-management solutions and scientific execution. Each portfolio is run through simulation testing to consider various historical scenarios and market cycle patterns. Their signature portfolio model, Vantage 2.0, provides equal sector diversification, as well as a stop loss protection that works as a safeguard from wide fluctuations in the market.

Beacon Capital Management provides independent, fee-based financial advisors with diverse options and advanced turnkey solutions to help them enhance their business offerings and more accurately serve their clients’ needs. Unlike most RIAs, Beacon does not just give advisors portfolios to sell to their clients; they empower advisors with innovative investment strategies, advanced back office support systems and a superior level of service and technology. They provide marketing systems and counsel, assistance with account setup, billing, monitoring and reporting, practice management and on-going client communication strategies, technology and consulting. 

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